How To Make Your Own Spiritual Bath

A spiritual bath has many ingredients, but needs intention.

We all have rough days and the self-care routines we use to get past them. If you’re feeling you need a little extra something to rinse your energy, try a spiritual bath. 

What Is A Spiritual Bath 

Even if you consider yourself a shower person, a spiritual bath isn’t your normal soak. It’s a ritual for spiritual hygiene that will cleanse your aura and rejuvenate your energy. 

Spiritual Bath Recipe 

  • Salt Natural salt is the most important ingredient for your cleansing bath, because its ability to release negative energy. Make sure not to use table salt, because it contains anti-caking agents and most of the beneficial minerals are removed during the refining process. Go for 2-3 handfuls of pink Himalayan, Epsom, or natural sea salts for best results. 
  • Baking Soda This common household staple is packed with bicarbonate and sodium ions that have many physical and energy-related benefits. Use anywhere between ¼ to 2 cups. 
  • Herbs Lavender essential oil or whole buds boiled in water both work for a good herbal bath. Lavender aromas are great for soothing tense emotions and latent stress in the bodye. Use enough to produce a noticeable aroma. 

Other good herbs to try are rose, chamomile, calendula, peppermint, rosemary, geranium, grapefruit, orange, jasmine, and ylang-ylang.

  • Candles Candles are strong channels of communication in the spiritual world. They have the ability to translate messages and open doors to provide clarity and attract positive energy when used during a spiritual bath. 
  • Make a Magical Soap Magical soap is soap that helps in manifestation rituals and love spells. Magic soap has a similar effect to candles, except that the soap’s magic goes with you when you leave your home.
  • Ready-Made If you want to take the guesswork out of preparing a cleansing soak, purchase a pre-made spiritual bath kit that contains everything from salts and herbs to healing crystals and candles for ambiance. 

How To Perform A Spiritual Cleansing Bath 

1. Schedule Your Bath

Set aside 20-60 minutes of uninterrupted time and eliminate all distractions.

2. Get Organnized

Make sure the bathroom is clean and organized, especially the bath area, because clutter creates negative energy.

3. Set an Intention

Set a clear intention for your spiritual bath. Anything you use for your rituals, such as essential oils, crystals, incense, flowers, herbs, plants, candles, music, and lighting, should reflect your intention. Don’t your intuition. 

4. Set the Mood

Light the candles. If you have a dimmer, dim the lights. If not, you can turn the lights off if you have enough candle light.

5. Draw Your Bath

Fill your tub with warm water and begin adding in the previously mentioned ingredients. 

6. Concentrate on Your Intention

As you’re soaking, focus on your intention and feel the negative energy being released from your body. Make a conscious effort to breathe in and out slowly. 

Interested In More Spiritual Cleanses? 

Our auras reflect of inner state of being. Sometimes when we build up a lot of stress, our auras reflect that and need cleansing. 

A spiritual bath is just one of many ways to cleanse your aura. Our Keen advisors can guide you through a number of ways to cleanse your spirit so you can get back to balance.

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