How To Find The Right Tarot Advisor For You

Finding the perfect tarot is key to a good tarot experience.

One of the most common ways psychics connect with people is through tarot card readings. Tarot is a card-based divination practice that helps readers see the past, present, and future. Of course, finding the right tarot advisor is as important as the questions you ask, so this guide will help you do and get the best online tarot card reading. 

What Is A Tarot Advisor? 

A tarot advisor is a psychic who specializes in tarot reading. There are 78 colorfully illustrated cards in standard tarot decks. During a reading, tarot advisors draw anywhere between three and twelve cards and lay them out as a spread. 

Using intuition, they interpret the spread to tell you about your life and future, based on your tarot questions.

What Makes A Good Tarot Advisor? 

A great way to spot a good tarot advisor is to read their reviews. That’s why we make it easy to search for an online tarot advisor on Of course, obtaining a tarot reading is an essential way to find a good advisor. Here’s what to look for: 

The Advisor Has Memorized the Card Meanings

While this may sound obvious, a good advisor must be able to read and interpret each card without hesitation or looking in a book—including the specific meaning for each card in different placements and relation to various topics. If they draw blanks, steer clear.

The Advisor Knows Three or More Spreads

An experienced reader should be able to easily read, from simple to complex complex questions to short, three-card spreads for a 15-minute reading. They should also be able to recognize which spread is right for the length of a reading and the question asked. 

The Advisor Can Synthesize the Cards

A talented tarot advisor can look at all the cards in all their positions and interpret the layout as an answer to the question. This goes beyond rattling off the meaning of each card without threading them together. 

The Advisor Connects With You From Start to Finish

Use these questions to see if you had a connection from start to finish: How were you greeted? Did you feel comfortable? Did the advisor get to the heart of their issue? How did the psychic wrap up your session? Did he/she keep in touch and answer any follow-up questions?  If you didn’t get the right answers, you may want to try a different advisor. A start to finish connection is the key to getting the best reading.  

When To Get An Online Tarot Reading 

Here are some telltale signs that you’re ready to book an online tarot reading. 

You’re Ready to Embrace the Unknown

When you’re to leave your comfort zone, it’s a good time to get a reading to get the guidance you need. Remember, predictions are not set in stone. 

You’re Spiritually Sensitive

Whether you’re spiritual yourself, or you think you have your own psychic abilities, talk to a tarot reader. 

You’ve Had Good Experience With Other Spiritual Advisors

If you’re thinking about branching out from other types of psychic advice, try tarot. 

You’ve Set an Intention For your Reading

What’s your goal? A reading can provide insight into every aspect of your life, so it’s crucial to set an intention before booking a session with a tarot reader. 

Find The Right Tarot Advisor For You 

Thanks to our Keen advisor search, we take the guesswork out of finding the right tarot advisor for you. By reading user reviews and bios and comparing star ratings and areas of expertise, you can feel confident in knowing you’re making the best choice possible. And with our free online tarot reading offer (the first three minutes are on us), you’ve got nothing to lose. Here are a few of our top advisors to get you started. 





Joanna Day Moon

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