How to Manifest Your Dream Reality

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by Alison Shine

Have you ever said to yourself, “I never have enough.”, “I can’t get things back on track.” or “This always happens to me.”?

Now, imagine a life where all your dreams seemingly fell into place with the right people at the right time! You may have come across the word “manifesting” at some point, but what does it really mean?

Manifesting is the process of co-creating your desired reality in vibrational alignment with your intentions. Many people are waking up to the fact that our inner worlds have a physical impact on our outer experiences. The entire Universe is made of energy; therefore, your thoughts hold a vibration, too. This vibrational frequency is what either brings realities towards you or away from you. If you learn how to harness the power behind these natural forces, you can facilitate more flow and abundance in your life.

Simple Ways to Raise Your Vibration:

1. Find peace in nature.

2. Listen to your intuition.

3. Laugh, play, and be curious about life.

4. Enjoy the present.

5. Take a moment to meditate.

6. Give an act of kindness.

7. Take a leap of faith.

8. Release attachment to the outcome.

9. Find gratitude. 

10. Love yourself unconditionally.

What You Focus on Grows

This may sound great and all, but manifestation isn’t magic. It’s not about telling the Universe what you want, and then receiving it in return. In fact, have you ever noticed that thinking more about what you want is often met with more resistance? That’s because strong desires can originate from a feeling of lack or being without. When you keep your focus on what’s not changing, what you are actually attracting is more waiting. 

What you resist, persists.

The trick to manifesting is focusing not on what you want to see, but how you want to feel. In truth, it is usually the feeling experience that you are desiring, not the visual plan you have assigned to it. You want to FEEL loved, appreciated, embraced, supported, and prioritized. That is what’s most important, no matter what that may look like on the outside. Allow your ultimate vision to wax and wane, as your reality is always evolving, too.

If like attracts likes, then what you focus on grows.

When you feel disheartened about a difficult pattern, you are met with more of that difficult pattern. When you feel magnetic and desirable, others are seemingly drawn toward you. When you feel full of gratitude, you attract more experiences to be grateful for.

Sometimes the Universe may not be aligning you with something like a relationship or a job because it does not vibrate at the exact frequency of how you truly want to feel. Try to trust and surrender with the knowledge that you are being guided in the right direction.

The Power is in The Present

Your future is happening right here, right now. Seriously! 

The future is simply a collection of many present moments evolving over time. Similarly, the past can be viewed as a series of memories that were all once created in a present moment. When you look at things this way – time seems like an illusion. That is why living in the past and the future in your mind can create stagnant energy and keep you stuck. Redirecting your attention toward the present instead can inspire the awareness you need to see new opportunities.

Create momentum by giving attention to the people and experiences that are making you feel good in the now. Whether it be excited, supported, fulfilled, abundant, or appreciated. Soak up all moments when you feel full of gratitude and joy, even if they are just glimpses. Whether you are walking in nature, having an enlightening conversation with an advisor on, or cuddling with your dog, all are opportunities to shift your vibration. 

Don’t be afraid to follow moments of divine inspiration and take leaps of faith, either. Sign up for that workshop you have been thinking about, take the long scenic route home, make that phone call, shake up your routine, show up. Explore, play, discover. Interact with the Universe. Embody what you want to feel. 

Life doesn’t happen to you; it moves through you.


When you surrender your plan, release your fears, and listen to your intuition – miracles and divine surprises appear. 

Think about a time in your life where you received something you weren’t expecting, but it turned out to be a magical experience. When your vibration is high, signs and synchronicities start showing up left and right. Your energy becomes more magnetic and you begin to attract the right people and situations at the perfect time. 

An example of this showed up recently with a client I’ve been working with over the past few years. She was healing from a past relationship and having trouble passing her bar exam after law school. She was tired of waiting for life to begin. However, the Universe had a plan.

Through our readings, she worked on shifting her vibration and new opportunities started showing up. She landed a job where her coworkers felt like family, and soon after she even started dating someone new. Out of sheer coincidence one day, she received a call about an unexpected job offer from a different firm. It was more pay, but she loved her current job and didn’t know what to do. 

This synchronicity provided her with an opportunity and her intuition gave her an idea. Even though she hadn’t been at her job for more than 6 months, she felt her inner voice telling her to ask her boss for a raise. Low and behold, she got it! It was even more pay than the other offer, too! She manifested the best of both worlds.

It’s Time to Transform

It’s amazing to witness how transformation happens when we listen to the signs and tune in with our inner power. Whether it is a cycle that keeps showing up in a relationship, a recurring block in your career, or a persistent negative emotion – all of your experiences can be shifted in a higher direction.

If you are feeling inspired and want to know what you are manifesting in your life – take a leap of faith and reach out to me today. I would love to shed some light on your path ahead.

About the Author:

Alison is an award-winning Intuitive Medium who has devoted her life to spirituality. She uses her gifts to facilitate a connection between the physical and spiritual realms. From a young age, she has had the ability to receive intuitive awareness and spirit communication from the other side. She also teaches others how to develop their own intuition and gifts.

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