Happy National Psychic Week!

Over the past 20-plus years, has grown into a dynamic international community of psychic advisors who have transformed lives and guided the spiritual journeys of so many. To honor the many contributions of our psychic advisors, Keen is giving you some ideas for how you can celebrate National Psychic Week from August 2 through August 7.  August is also National Wellness Month, so it’s the perfect time to embark upon a spiritual journey that bolsters physical, mental, ane emotional health!

National Psychic Day

AUGUST 2: With origins that date back to nineteenth-century England, Psychic Day originally was a day set aside to give people the opportunity to hone their own psychic abilities. Whether you think you have psychic abilities or you want to strengthen an existing gift, our Keen advisors can help you on your spiritual journey. Why not book a reading on this special day? 

Manifest Monday

AUGUST 3: It’s never too late in life to find your calling, so spend some time doing exercises such as meditation and giving an act of kindness in order to help manifest your dream reality. Up your motivation game with creative visualization but most importantly, feel confident in knowing that what you dream already exists, so chill out and enjoy!  

Tarot Tuesday

AUGUST 4: Curious if a Tarot reading is right for you? The truth of the matter is, can benefit from a reading providing the right questions are asked! Of course, before booking a session, it’s always a good idea to learn a little bit about the true significance behind the cards, including how to read bad cards positively

Wellness Wednesday

AUGUST 5: Wellness month need not be limited to the month of August alone. One of the goals of our platform is to help others find inner peace and spiritual wellness through psychic advice. Today we challenge you to take a moment for yourself! Mediate at home, practice mindful gratitude, or learn how to stay positive during uncertain times

Thankful Thursday

AUGUST 6:  We are dedicating this day to thanking the incredible psychic advisors for all they’ve done for the Keen community. Take a look at our list of the best Reiki Advisors on Keen and self-care psychic advisors you can turn to. 

Fortune Friday

AUGUST 7: There’s no better way to cap off National Psychic Week than booking a psychic reading with one of our Keen advisors. Whether you need advice pertaining to your career or matters of the heart, you wish to connect with a deceased loved one, or you have the desire to develop your own psychic abilities, our advisors are here for you 24/7. 

Happy National Psychic Week — we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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