Learn the Secret to Finding Peace

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The secret to finding peace lies within. That is the only secret. You cannot have tension and peace simultaneously. If you have tension in your life, you need to remove it. Here are five ways to remove tension and find the peace within.

  1. An easy way to find peace within is to inhale love and exhale tension. Spend five minutes doing that as often as you want, several times a day. Feel the love spread throughout your body. Feel the peace.
  2. Forgiveness is another key. If you cannot forgive yourself, you will find it hard to forgive others. Make a list of everything that someone has done that still bothers you. Go through the list and forgive them, then go through the list again and forgive yourself for getting upset about whatever they had done to you. It takes two to tangle. If you had been at peace at that particular time when they did that, it wouldn’t have bothered you nearly as much and possibly not at all. Feel the forgiveness, feel the peace.
  3. Every night before you go to sleep, visualize how your day went. Whatever bothered you today, bring up on the screen of your mind. See the situation unfold as it happened, then see it happen as you would have liked it to happen. Feel the peace.
  4. As you meditate, this will bring you peace. “The white light of divine protection surrounds you, sealing out all negative thoughts and experiences. Only goodness and purity can penetrate this wonderful light. I send nothing but goodness into the Universe. I feel grateful and protected. Be at peace.
  5. After several minutes of saying these words, you will feel lighter and more serene. “I am loved. I love. I am loving. I love myself and all creation. Every day in every way I am better, better and better.” You may even want to change the last sentence to “Every day in every way I am more and more at peace.” Relax into peace.

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