Speak Up! Unblock That Fifth Chakra

unblock throat chakra

A tingle when you swallow might be a cold arriving, but often the energy of the Throat Chakra sends faint signals of impending tension. Blocked energy in your Fifth Chakra can stall necessary communication.

The Throat Chakra is the center of communicating to the universe. From a conversation at the grocery store to saying “I do” up on the altar, every conversation you ever have adds or depletes energy at this point in your body.

But communication is a relationship. It involves two parties. It involves listening as much as speaking. The Throat Chakra rules the ears. An earache could be energy from the throat Chakra insisting you speak up and listen to a response.

When you hold back from saying what you want or stop listening to your lover, your Throat Chakra becomes blocked. This may not manifest in the form of a physical irritation. You may have a nightmare of being strangled. You might suddenly have a desire to wear turtlenecks, scarves and even an ascot! Covering the front of your neck is a manifestation of your growing concern over the blocked energy in your Throat Chakra.

To speak up and release the energy of the Throat Chakra, consider embracing some or all of the following solutions.


No matter your ability to carry a tune, much can be accomplished merely by singing in the shower at the volume you enjoy with the passion your taste in music reflects. Opening the Throat Chakra creates a relationship of trust between what you want to say and what you actually deliver when communicating.

When you sing your favorite songs, you begin to relax your Throat Chakra. Confidently releasing your voice in the steamy heat of the shower is a rehearsal of your ability to be heard. Easing your Throat Chakra energy into its own comfort zone is a great way to gradually lessen the block on this powerful Chakra.


When you create, you communicate. A painting tells you something. A quilt that is made by a family member and passed down to the next generation is a way that a family communicates its values over time. When you create through poetry, painting, crocheting or cake decorating, no matter the form, you are communicating to an audience.


Acting out what you want to say assists you in actually saying it. Confrontation is a most difficult Human interaction. Learning to assert yourself and speak your mind is often more difficult than passing an advanced math class. When you rehearse exactly what you want to say, the block in your Throat Chakra is slowly worn down.

Remember that for long-term results it is best to deeply listen for the response you provoke. There is no need to act on them or respond further. Debate is not necessary. Saying exactly what you want to say and understanding that your words have been absorbed is what matters to your Throat Chakra. Even if what you say is rejected and belittled, the continual strengthening of your Throat Chakra benefits from following through with the delivery of your rehearsed statements.

Wearing Blue

The color blue is associated with the Throat Chakra. One needn’t wear a blue hat or an all blue outfit to keep the Throat Chakra strong. A blue blouse is enough to encourage a smooth and optimistic pattern of communication. A strong Throat Chakra assists in seductions and a night spent flirting in the clubs is much more successful when you wear something blue.


Turquoise is a strong gemstone that allows you to speak honestly and with strength. Wearing this stone keeps your Throat Chakra unblocked and increases your listening comprehension in meetings and during any other important communication rendezvous. While a necklace with turquoise would obviously match up well with its close proximity to your throat, rings and brooches also maintain great energy for your Throat Chakra.

When your communication is honest and inquisitive, your throat Chakra pulsates with positive energy and charisma that leads to deep and passionate relationships with friends, colleagues, family and inevitably with your soulmate. The Throat Chakra insists on your personal integrity to thrive. Treat it well.

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