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by Shanti66

You may think Manifesting or the Law of Attraction is about holding onto a mental picture and repeating affirmations.  While these practices can be useful — so long as they evoke joy – this process of visualization is actually not the best way to bring desires into physical form.  I offer you 3 easy steps which will bring your heart’s desires into present reality. Start with step one: you just need to relax!

The universe already knows what you want, so let her work through you.  You can let go of the “when’s” and the “how’s” — the universe has got that covered. When we wish for something quicker, often it arrives slower – or not at all. This is why timing predictions are not exact. Our energy does affect outcomes — and this is actually empowering, once you learn to direct your energy to create your world.

What you desire already exists.

As soon as you have a wish or a desire in your heart it is immediately happening.  Yes, that’s right. The dream version of you already exists in an alternate realm – enjoying the love and abundance that you are now manifesting.  Our work becomes to align energetically with what we are creating. Be who you wish to be now.  

Do you want to manifest a loving relationship?  How would you feel if you were already with your beloved?  How would you act if your bank account were already overflowing?  Be that person now. Make decisions from that space. We are magnets.  Like attracts like. Rather than chanting “I am a money magnet” 1,000 times, act like a rich version of you, and watch as abundance is drawn to you.  Once again — need to let go of the timing. When we ask “when, when?!” we are essentially saying “it is not here! it is not here!” and the universe gives us “absence of desire”.  The universe doesn’t judge. Law of Attraction is a science. You get what you think about and what you are – whether you want that or not.

Monitor your feelings to see how close you are to allowing the vision to manifest. 

Your feelings are your guide.  It is of utmost importance to monitor closely your words, thoughts and feelings — as these are creating your world.  When we feel good, we are allowing the universe to work through us. If we feel icky, angry, depressed — that feels like constriction, and the universe cannot work her magic.  The point is to become a completely nonresistant instrument. Like water through a hose, the God force, or magic, works through you to bring to you your heart’s desires. We do not have to be perfect.  Of course, we are human with feelings and hormones that can affect our vibe. The point is to do your best to monitor your thoughts and feelings. Correct your language if you realize you are speaking in ways that go contrary to what you want.  For example, if you want to create wealth, eliminate the phrase “ I can’t afford it.”. Just do not say those words ever again. You could re-phrase it as “I am prioritizing other things right now.” 

Chill out and enjoy!

Another key to manifesting is maintaining a high vibration.  What does that mean? When we are happy, joyful and in the flow, we are magnets to our heart’s desires.  The universe already knows what we want, and in this high vibe state, it flows to us easily, in divine timing.  I tell my callers who are having a hard time to just watch Netflix. Or read a book that brings joy. It doesn’t matter what you are doing — find what brings you joy and do that.  Yoga, baking, walks in nature, being with friends. The quickest and easiest way to raise your vibe is appreciation. We can always find something to appreciate. Right now, I hear birds chirping, I have a computer to type on, a delicious cup of tea beside me, chocolate and an orange magic marker.  Yay! It is the best day ever. I offer this technique often to people who want to change jobs. The quickest path to where you want to be is to appreciate where you are right now.

Holding a vision for others.

We can manifest for others.  It is important to see our loved ones as happy and successful and living their best lives ever.  Part of my work on Keen is holding the vision for you. Whatever it is you are creating — I see that for you in perfect faith.  I may not promise you that your current lover is your one — however, I CAN promise you that you are happy with your divine beloved, simply because you are here alive and breathing on this planet.  We are ALL worthy of our desires. I believe these desires were placed in our hearts by God, Universe or another higher power — choose your name. And the universe just loves to give it all to us freely.


About the Author:

Shanti is a clairaudient, clairsentient, and intuitive advisor who inherited her gifts from the maternal line in her family. The breadth of her expertise includes love advice, career guidance, astrology, tarot, past lives, pets, and more. She takes a friendly approach to guide callers through their life questions and helps them manifest the outcomes and changes they desire to create on their spiritual journey.

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