3 Types of Relationship Tarot Spreads and What They Can Tell You

It's a three card relationship tarot spread

Love and relationship advice is one of the most popular topics people discuss with Keen advisors. But just like there are many types of readings, there are different types of spreads, too. These spreads can tell you about romantic and platonic relationships. Here are three relationship spreads to help you answer your relationship questions. 

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Types of Relationship Tarot Spreads 

Whether you go into a relationship reading knowing what you want to discuss or you’re unsure, an experienced tarot reader will gather some details from you before laying out your spread. 

How many cards an advisor uses also depends on their own personal style. These are three of the best spreads they might use for your reading. 

3-Card Relationship Spread

3-Card Relationship Spread 

Three card spreads are usually for a lighter read. They’re better for quick insight and figuring out basic dynamics between you and your partner. 

  • First Position: You 

What are you bringing to the table in your relationship? How does that make you feel? Do you think your role, feelings, and actions are positively or negatively affecting your union?

  • Second Position: Lover / Partner 

What role does your S.O. have in your relationship? How do you see this person? Do any of their actions or behavioral traits affect your relationship — for better or for worse? 

  • Third Position: Dynamics 

If you were to describe your relationship in a few words, what would they be?

5-Card Cross-Relationship Spread

5-Card Cross-Relationship Spread 

The five-card spread provides details into the past, present, and potential future of your relationship. 

  • First Position: Your Role 

Again, what are you contributing? 

  • Second Position: Your Partner’s Role 

And your partner? 

  • Third Position: Past Foundation

What is your relationship built on? Rocky ground or a solid foundation? What brought you two together? Describe your first impressions. 

  • Fourth Position: The Present 

Where does your relationship currently stand? What’s the dynamic like between the two of you? 

  • Fifth Position: The Future

Do you feel your partnership has potential for a future, or do you see an expiration date? If you think you’ll stay together, how do you think your relationship will develop and grow?

7-Card Compatibility Spread

7-Card Compatibility Spread

This relationship tarot spread focuses on the dynamics of your partnership, including areas where you thrive and struggle. 

First Position: Your Wants 

What do you need in a relationship for it to feel like it’s a success? Meaning, what would make you happy and fulfilled?

Second Position: Your Partner’s Wants 

On the flip side, what does your partner want out of your relationship?

Third Position: Differences Between You

Differences between partners can either bring them together or tear them apart. What sets the two of you apart? 

Fourth Position: Similarities 

Do you finish one another’s sentences? Engage in the same hobbies? Share the same hopes and dreams? What similarities bring you two together?

Fifth Position: Emotional Compatibility 

Are you comfortable with one another’s emotions and reactions? If not, can you accept each other as-is, or would that be far too irritating and not realistic for the long term?

Sixth Position: Physical Compatibility 

How would you rate your compatibility physically? What are the strengths and weaknesses?

Seventh Position: Mental Compatibility 

Do you find one another intellectually stimulating, or do you feel your relationship is at a surface level?

Which Tarot Cards Are Best To Get In A Relationship Spread? 

The spreads are just one piece of the pie when it comes to a relationship reading. The cards that show up in these layouts indeed indicate if your relationship is on a good path for the long term or if there might be some room for growth. These are the cards you’re going to want to see in your spread. 

  • The Lover’s: Love is on the way.
  • Two of Cups: There’s a love-filled connection between you and your partner.
  • 10 of Pentacles: Family, stability, and long-lasting success.
  • Ace of Cups: Emotions may be currently running high, but you’re going to be surrounded by love.
  • The Sun: Represents a happy, loving relationship.
  • 9 of Cups: Living in the moment. 
  • 10 of Cups: Joy, balance, and being connected with others. 

Which Tarot Cards Create Obstacles In A Relationship Spread? 

Conversely, these are the cards that indicate obstacles are ahead. 

  • 3 of Swords: Betrayal, confusion, hurt feelings.
  • 10 of Swords: You’re being stepped all over.  
  • 8 of Cups: It’s time to let go of things that are no longer serving you.
  • 10 of Wands: Suggests difficult times ahead. 
  • The Hanged Man: A similar meaning to the 8 of Cups; Put yourself first for a change.
  • The Tower: Unexpected change and/or a crisis. 
  • The Devil: Signifies a relationship that’s overly controlling or toxic. 

Interested In A Relationship Tarot Reading? 

There’s no one-size-fits-all relationship. Even if you’ve been with the same partner for a long time, relationships always grow. If you’re interested in getting a relationship tarot spread, our Keen advisors are here for you 24/7 to chat about your concerns of the heart.

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