What Does the 4 of Spades Mean in Cartomancy?

black and white photo of a 4 of spades card to convey the meaning of this card in the deck

What is Cartomancy?

Cartomancy is similar to Tarot cards, but extremely different at the same time. Tarot cards come in a deck of 78 cards while the cartomancy deck has 52 cards. Tarot cards have images and pictures that depict specific symbolism and meaning, while cartomancy cards are regular playing cards which are used for divination. Both rely on the interpretation, knowledge, and intuition of the reader who can explain their meanings to the querent or themselves.  

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The Meaning of the 4 of Spades

In cartomancy, the 4 of spades is related to reality. It represents the way we go about our day-to-day lives, the struggles that we endure, financial situations, and interpersonal relationships. The number 4 to depict the way we concisely connect to the world around us. This sentiment is further exacerbated by the numerological meaning of 4, which is structure and boundaries. Putting the cartomancy and numerological meaning together allows us to understand the number 4 as a solid, fundamental, and essential force in life. It is the glue that holds our mundane selves together as well as all of the minute aspects of the world.

The 4’s in cartomancy differ based on the suits within the suits (like 4 of spades) which are similar to elements. The spade suit would resemble the sword suit in tarot — cards that are similar to the element air because they are known to be the communicators of the tarot. Spades show us obstacles that are on the way — things that could be roadblocks or standing between us and the objective. They represent change, intellect, and action — as well as death, decay, salty words, or personal anguish. 

The 4 of Spades Significance in Life 

The 4 of spades denotes situations that occur in our daily lives that are setbacks, frustrations, or annoyances. In the Tarot deck, The four of swords, which is a similar card, depicts the need to retreat from the world in order to gain rust and consciousness. Similarly, this card shows that we have to find a moment of solitude in order to seek clarity in the direction we want to take regarding specific matters. Also, when making decisions, it is best to take your time and to think things through before fully committing to one side or another.

This card can also depict a period of isolation and loneliness within interpersonal relationships. You may feel as though the world is against you, which in reality it is not. Or, and so you don’t have a shoulder to cry on. Instead of using the negative connotation of this card, try to use positive ones. Use the time away from your friends, family, or group situations in order to come to your own peace of mind. Having some time to yourself could be really beneficial, if you let it be! Stop focusing on what everyone else is doing and use the time to reflect and plan out the next moves of your life.

This card represents the moment in which you can find clarity through deep meditation. Disconnects from people by turning your cell phone off, logging off of your email and social media in order to gain peace of mind. Within a few hours or even a day, you will be able to come to the assessments that you are longing for. The caveat is that you have to be at one with your thoughts.

More About the 4 of Spades in Cartomancy

Remember, things will always get better. In life, we never are stuck in a bad spot forever. Situations are only temporary. When you pull the four of spades, note to oneself that you need some rest and relaxation. All of the outside noises are causing you to confuse your own emotions and forcing you to retreat inwards. Consider this a lucky time and wish you can use the energy to only concentrate on yourself and your thoughts.

As with every cartomancy pull, one can interpret the cards however you want to. Personally, I find it’s best to look at both sides of the coin. Yes, life is a little bit annoying or quiet at the moment. But, there is a beauty in having a chance to define your boundaries and sense of self. Turning everyone out and focusing on what you want is something that you barely do — that isn’t until now.Use the insights to help create a better dynamic for yourself, this will give you the gifts of foresight and knowledge, which will lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your personal needs or desires.

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