Abundance and Action: January Tarot Forecast

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Monthly Tarot forecasts can assist you in navigating the ups and downs of the days ahead with insight and grace. I pull a card for each week with the intention that this card will represent the energies that need to be worked with both personally and globally. Obviously, everyone may experience the card differently, but keep the archetype and energy in mind as the month unfolds.

Week 1 (January 1-7): Seven of Discs (reversed)

The first week of the year will see us still reeling a bit from holiday excess. You may want to get back on a budget or set some New Year’s goals for cultivating more abundance, but it may seem that more is still going out than coming in. Be patient, and consider taking a more spiritual approach to organizing your money. Look into financial planning that includes an abundance mindset. The stuckness you are experiencing around money may come from your beliefs rather than your external circumstances. Doing inner work—perhaps with an advisor or using tools like EFT—may bring insights that will allow you to create a financial plan that will actually bear fruit. We saw this card reversed last month, too, so we can be sure the universe is really serious about our commitment to our own financial well-being. 

Week 2 (January 8-14): Three of Discs

This card places more emphasis on the practical side of life. As we enter a new year, there is a need to join forces to create the lives and communities we want. We each have our own gifts and skills—what if we coordinated our efforts to create the change we want to see in the world? This card asks us to be creative and work not just for ourselves but for others, too. It is a time for building, growth, and establishing connections that will prove fruitful in both good and bad times.

Week 3 (January 15-21): Five of Discs

Are you getting the theme? This month, the universe want us to pay particular attention to how we are constructing our physical reality and resources, and, of course, this includes money. The Five is indicative of fear, lack, and angst around money, and this week may come as a bit of a downer. If you are exploring possible partnerships, finding support in community, or beginning to address your inner beliefs around money, then this week’s energy will allow you to demo some of your fledgling efforts at change. Don’t worry—this isn’t a lasting situation, and for many, it is just getting the credit card bill from December. Whatever fears you are having now, remember to go back to the inquiry of week one. Things may not look how you want them to now, but how can you create sustainable change?

Week 4 (January 22-31): The Hanged Man XII

Whatever your political beliefs, the change in administration heralds a major change in the U.S. which will ripple out to other countries as well. There is a feeling on the world stage of waiting. What will happen in the first days of this major power exchange? How will this affect our personal lives? The Hanged Man is in stasis; he may not know yet where he is or how he stands. The world is strange, upside down, and there may be nothing to do but wait and trust in the higher order of things before we can move forward. The Hanged Man echoes the Seven reversed but on a much larger scale. What fruit will our political actions bear? What doors will open or close? Only time will tell. This week, be patient and don’t be surprised if the world feels chaotic. Fall back on the community you began building with the Three of Discs. The path forward will be revealed in time.

Overall, January is going to offer time and energy to make internal adjustments to the New Year. Big changes are happening in the outer world, and the universe wants to ensure we are keeping up with our inner work. Also, while we may be focused on the global, thinking local and creating community will bear fruit as the year unfolds. While it may be frustrating to see the year get off to a slower start, this allows us to get our bearings and begin creating a structure that will support our goals for the coming year.

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