Aries Sun Scorpio Moon Traits

the zodiac wheel with the sun and moon

You are not your sun sign. In fact, at the exact time of your birth, all the planets were located in various zodiac placements that formed your birth chart. This chart is essentially an astrological blueprint of your soul with each planetary placement providing insight into who you are and how you process the world.

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With all that being said, your sun sign in astrology is only one aspect of you. Having a sun sign in fiery Aries makes you a natural-born leader. The intuitive and sensitive Scorpio moon can complement this well as you have an innate ability to read the moods of others.

Sun and Moon Meaning

Your sun sign, sometimes referred to as your star sign, represents your core identity and the center of yourself. A sun in Aries is a direct, courageous leader who isn’t afraid to take charge of situations. 

Your moon sign represents your inner you. In a way, it is your true sign as it embodies how you process the external world. Sometimes, it may be the part of yourself you try to keep hidden from others. Scorpio moons are quite sensitive and can be easily influenced by the moods of others around them.   

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon Personality Traits

Bold and brave, the Aries sun Scorpio moon steps up to the plate to govern the crowd. The fierce fire sign of Aries loves to act on their impulses, but the mysterious water sign of Scorpio may hold back. They like to be outgoing but may not share everything about themselves with others as they find safety in keeping secrets. They feel their emotions at an intense level, and they are very ambitious. This is something they may keep under lock and key – the intensity of their desire to succeed. It is what motivates them.

The Aries sun with a Scorpio moon individual gets their energy by being the best at things. You can guarantee these guys are the risk-takers of the group, unafraid of failure as they don’t believe in it. Their often deep and mysterious disposition make them compelling to others. Alluring, and attractive, these zodiac placements can easily draw people in with their coolness.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon Strengths

Their self-reliance combined with their disdain for being a follower sees the Aries sun Scorpio moon succeed in any path they choose. Because they radiate confidence and self-respect, they are often appointed to directorial or managerial roles, or as the CEO of companies. Commanding attention and achieving goals come naturally to them. They will not settle for second place.

Because they are alluring and clever, they easily attract the public eye. The secretive Scorpio moon gives them an air of mystery that others find intriguing. This zodiac placement is confident and outgoing, but you will always be left feeling as though you don’t know everything about them. From time to time, they may surprise people, even their dearest friends. 

Their creative side gives them a disposition toward the arts and their magnetic personality can push them toward fame. Since they don’t like to follow the crowd, they are usually trendsetters. People will follow in their footsteps. Always one step ahead, they would do well in careers related to fashion.

In most of their relationships, they prefer to be the giver. It provides them with comfort to feel they are leading the connection. Generous, they gladly give to their lovers and friends but have a hard time accepting in return. If they fall on hard times, they may keep quiet. 

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon Struggles 

The biggest struggle this zodiac placement faces is being told what to do. When they are not the leaders, they have a hard time falling in line. This can sometimes be the incentive they need to master their work and usurp their bosses. They need to make sure to remain respectful and level-headed.

Their hunger to dominate can sometimes alienate people. It can also infuriate other zodiac placements that like to lead as well. Unlikely to back down, the Aries sun with a Scorpio moon can become a bully. Negotiation is not their strong suit, as most of their partners learn – it is their way or the highway.

In a relationship, they will lead the connection. If they become bored, they may start drama just to interest them. They can be manipulative to get their way and even blunt when they are feeling challenged. Their ideal partner is someone who will be honest and transparent with them but will also give them the space to remain secretive and somewhat closed off. This person needs to be driven enough to keep their respect but also easy going enough to let them make the decisions. A Capricorn or Taurus with a softer water sign such as Pisces or Cancer would make a complementary counterpart.
Learn to compromise, Aries sun Scorpio moon. Negotiation will strengthen your intimate relationships and gain more respect in the workplace. Remember, not everyone has as much ambition as you. Read more zodiac pairings at KEEN.

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