Finding Balance in Transition: March Tarot Forecast

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Monthly Tarot forecasts can assist you in navigating the ups and downs of the days ahead with insight and grace. I pull a card for each week, with the intention that this card will represent the energies that need to be worked with both personally and globally. Obviously, everyone may experience the card differently, but keep the archetype and energy in mind as the month unfolds.

Week 1 (March 1-11): Seven of Discs

I always think of March as a transition month. We are still navigating winter, but the promise of Spring is also at hand. We are impatient—for planting weather, for spring vacation, for longer days.The Seven of Discs embodies just such energy! The lesson of the card is to be patient—I know, I know—and to have faith that the work and plans you have been designing are about to bud and move into a more fruitful stage. Sevens are often about agitation and a sense of impatience about still having to attend to whatever their suit might represent. In this case, with Discs, it’s about the physical realm: money, projects, work. So don’t give up! Keep working, but also take the time to reflect back on how far you’ve come. Trust that success is coming. 

Week 2 ( March 12-18): Six of Wands

Victory! See—I told you to be patient, and now here we are this week with the Six of Wands. The energy this card brings is one of excitement and winning: whatever risks have been taken—creatively or spiritually—have paid off. Your action has brought you to a place where you can celebrate and enjoy. No doubt the future will hold opportunities for more action, but for now, you can pause and survey the field of victory around you. If others want to honor you for your work, let them. Now is a time to be recognized and seen for the creative genius you are!

Week 3 (March 19-25): Hanged Man

This card has shown up more than once over the last few months, and I think the energy is still related to changing political situations and uncertain futures. Every time there is a major change politically—whichever side you are on—every aspect of society is affected. Financial, social, philosophical—there is a sense of waiting to see what will happen. There can also be a sense of unease or hesitation to act. 

Now that you’ve made your plans and celebrated your victories, there may be a sense of “what’s next?” You might find that, like the tiny leaves forming inside the plants, you are in a waiting game with forces outside of yourself. The Hanged Man requests that we allow alternative viewpoints, temporary confusion, and find the quiet in which our own intuition and wisdom can speak. As this week includes the Equinox, can we achieve a balance within? Can we accept that something is happening—though we might not know what? 

Week 4 (March 26-31): Seven of Wands

In week two, you saw the fruit of your actions and were able to take a moment to celebrate. Now the universe is saying—time to move on. You say you believe a certain thing or stand for a certain idea—why? You may end up defending yourself or simply having to jockey for position in a crowded marketplace. Like week one, you may feel impatient or frustrated, especially coming off of the six’s jivey vibes. Perhaps you had an unexpected turn of events last week and weren’t sure how to respond—now you must, as your community demands it. This is not a time to give up, however, because more growth and success is around the corner. Like all the sevens, this card says that more effort is required, along with patience and faith in your ideas and actions.

Like Spring itself, the energies this month are bringing fits and starts. Wait, celebrate, wait, act! Although the Hanged Man is continuing to ask us to dig deep into our inner resources in response to more global, external change, the energies this month are really about being responsive to change on a more mundane level. Like the season, there is much that is coming into being. Every week brings minute changes until suddenly, all the trees have leaves and early flowers push out through the snow. Life is like this, too. We work, wait, question our decisions. This month will ask us to find balance, quiet spaces, and the willingness to celebrate our victories, however small.

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