Five of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card


When encountering the Five of Pentacles in its reversed position, you can breathe a sigh of relief that largely good changes are in store for you. The appearance of this tarot card in your spread can mean that regardless of your current calamity, there is a way out if you are willing to take it. While the reversed Five of Pentacles is no guarantee of wealth or happiness, it offers light at the end of the tunnel for those of you who are struggling. This acknowledgment of your hard work or perseverance can be just the incentive you need to be truly appreciative when all is going well in your life. The Pentacle cards, on their own, are largely associated with wealth and work, and so you are likely to see it in response to your finances or employment situation. Still, the good tidings this card brings can apply to a multitude of issues, and it is up to you to acknowledge your good fortune. To help guide you on the right path, common interpretations for the reversed Five of Pentacles are explained below.

Not Perfect, But Better

Those expecting a quick fix or a surprise windfall of wealth after being overwhelmed with debts and bills may find themselves disappointed after revealing the Five of Pentacles reversed. Whether in its upright or reversed position the Five of Pentacles is a card of progress and not an all-out solution. Take heart that you have found a clearer path and maybe even a friend to accompany you on the journey, even if your destination is still many miles away. It is a lesson to take joy and appreciation in the small things. Any job can be better than no job when it comes to providing food and shelter for your family. A month of sobriety after a seemingly lifetime of struggling with addiction is a reason to celebrate. Life is looking up for you and if you do not treasure the smallest successes than it can be hard to make it to the larger ones.

Internal self-improvement can be overlooked when considering positive changes in your life. Experiences such as learning to forgive, gaining impulse control, or pulling yourself free of a cycle of self-deprecation are all worthy of recognition and pride. While others may not fully grasp the colossal task it proved to be; you should not allow that to undervalue its meaning to you. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the Five of Pentacles reversed will point to improvement just as often as it points to a definite end of a struggle. In short, keep an eye out for positive changes no matter how slight and avoid overlooking your gifts of good fortune.

Rough And Rocky Relationships

If your relationship has been through quite an ordeal lately, the Five of Pentacles reversed can signal a chance to redeem yourself. Even if it is you who has done wrong, now may be the time your partner is receptive to your genuine apology and ready to offer forgiveness. If the situation is the opposite, try to ease the hardness of your heart as that may be the brighter path your card has hinted at. In some cases, finding the courage to leave a toxic or abusive relationship is your true reward. While it is certainly not material riches, gaining freedom from such a stressful and harmful situation is worth so much more for your health and sanity. It may mean a hard moment of realization that life is no fairy tale and not every relationship can succeed no matter how much work one partner puts into it.

For those outside of a relationship and faltering under the weight of continued rejection, the Five of Pentacles can be the signal that light is at the end of the tunnel for you. Feeling undesirable may have led you to foolishly ignore the approaches and offers from those who enjoy you for who you are, while stuck in a rut believing no one could possibly want you. Everyone has experienced a moment of being blind to the very thing they needed that lay in front of them, and being single while lacking confidence or feelings of self-worth provides many such moments. As a progress card, the Five of Pentacles is unlikely to drop the answer right at your feet, but with a little work, it is there for you to take. Push yourself past your current struggles, and make the decision that holds the most good.

Wealth And Finances

The paupers who grace the upright Five of Pentacles spell out a different fate when the card is revealed to be reversed. Of course, you may have been luckily blessed with a sudden, generous fortune but in the large majority of cases, this will not be so. For most, it will be a small victory but a victory nonetheless. Perhaps you have found sweet relief from debt or the boost you need to get you through the toughest of times. As with all gifts the Five of Pentacles can show are coming your way, it is unlikely to simply drop into your lap. You will need to work up the courage to apply for that management position, or make smart decisions with your sudden influx of funds, or else you risk continuing in your current situation. Opportunities abound that are simply waiting for you to take advantage of, simply take the first step.

The Five of Pentacles reversed is a sign of change and progression into good fortunes. While this tarot card holds no answers on its own, it is a definitive sign of advantageous things to come or, depending on position, acknowledgment of opportunities available to you now or received in the past. Those who find the Five of Pentacles reversed in their spread should be aware there is little reward without effort and your fate may well depend on your willingness to expend it. If you are struggling, hang on just a little bit longer for there is assistance ahead. You should be aware that the positive change you need may be different than you imagined or even unexpected.

Approach each situation and new change in your life with a clear head and a cautious eye and you may find miracles wherever you look. For personal guidance in-tune with the cards, consider a live online tarot reading to ensure you are on the right track.

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