Eight of Swords Reversed Tarot Card


In many readings, the Eight of Swords reversed card represents feeling trapped in your current situation. Although things may seem bad at the moment, there is good news – you can free yourself from your binds. What is holding you back right now is not an external force, but rather your own mind and perspective. The reversed Eight of Swords is a sign that you need to make a change if you want to experience a change. It represents the release from whatever has been holding you back.

Your Own Worst Enemy

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. The Eight of Swords reversed suggests that you are letting your thoughts about yourself prohibit you from achieving the things you want. For example, you may wish you could lose weight, but believe that you could never maintain the diet and exercise regime to make it work. Or maybe you find your job to be unfulfilling, but do not think you could get hired to do something you love. The problem is that when you believe that nothing can change, then it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy – and nothing does change. This can turn into a vicious cycle once you have “confirmation” that you were “right all along.” If you really want to break free, then you will have to learn how to let go of these false beliefs. The only thing holding you back right now is yourself.

Feeling Unprepared

The Eight of Swords reversed can also serve as a reminder that it is common to feel unprepared when you need to move forward. Life is ever changing and often brings unexpected things our way. There is no way you could ever predict or plan for everything that will happen. Worrying about things does not change them. Know that how you are feeling is normal. All you have to do is keep trying and take things one step at a time. Looking back later, you will often find that you were more prepared than you might have thought.

Mind Games

Another way you could be sabotaging your own efforts is by overthinking things. The more you worry about a situation, the worse your outlook will become. It doesn’t take long for your to spiral to the point where you feel stuck without any options or hope of recovery. Though it may be hard, focus on the positives. Start replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones. It will get easier the more you do it. These positive thoughts will lead you to positive results.

A New Point of View

The Eight of Swords reversed also warns about the possibility of being trapped by your own perspective. Although you feel trapped by your current situation, the reality is that you already have everything you need in place. Your current approach is not working, so the key is to look at things from a new perspective. There is likely another solution that you have yet to discover. Keep brainstorming new ideas rather than getting stuck in a rut on this issue.

The Victim

Right now, it seems as though you are the victim of your circumstances. What you want is nothing more than to be rescued from your present situation. Although you may feel powerless, you have options to save yourself. It is time to fight for yourself and be your own hero.

One Foot Out the Door

You are in the midst of a challenging situation and feel like you have one foot out the door. The Eight of Swords reversed represents this feeling of being trapped by the indecision of whether you should stay or go. Should you hope for things to work out or should you cut your losses and leave? Either option you choose could have a negative impact. The only way to know what is right is to listen to your gut. Trust your intuition and make your move one way or the other.


In a relationship reading, the Eight of Swords reversed indicates that there have been disagreements with your partner lately. Remember that these arguments may not always be about what they first seem. If you want to solve this problem, you will need to get to the root of the issue. Only once you address the source of the problem can things improve between you.

A Relationship’s End

You have been trapped in an unhappy relationship. Perhaps it was even abusive. The Eight of Swords reversed shows that you are ready to put an end to the relationship. You should not feel guilty or ashamed about what happened. Some relationships cannot be saved. You should move forward and look ahead to new opportunities.


If you are hoping to make a change in your career or work, the Eight of Swords reversed is a good sign for you. However, this does not mean that you should expect things to simply fall into your lap. The process may take time, so you will need to be patient. You also will need to put effort into making your career ambitions a reality. Pay attention and watch for any opportunities that come your way.


In a financial reading, the Eight of Swords reversed represents an unexpected event. Make sure you are prepared to handle an unexpected bill or pay cut. Set aside a little extra into savings so you are ready. On the other hand, this card may also represent receiving extra money that you were not expecting.

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