Five of Wands Reversed Tarot Card


The Five of Wands reversed is all about conflict and competition. In many cases, it can represent the resolution of a previous conflict. However, this card can also serve as a warning about a conflict that is on the horizon. In order to face what lies ahead, you will need to trust your instincts so you can avoid escalating the situation. Take care to avoid doing things with irreversible consequences. Keep your anger under control and take time when you have to make a decision. If the reversed Five of Wands has recently appeared in your online tarot reading, here are a few potential interpretations that may apply to your current situation.

Avoiding Conflict

The Five of Wands reversed may represent your strong desire to avoid conflict. While most people do not enjoy conflict, you find it makes you feel particularly uneasy. All you wish is for it to go away. You do everything you can in order to ignore and avoid the problem altogether.

But in the process, you may be pushing your own concerns aside. Because of your unwillingness to deal with the problem, you fail to assert your own opinions. This leaves you feeling frustrated due to being restricted.

Ultimately, you need to consider whether it truly is best to avoid this conflict. There are times where conflict can be productive to finding a resolution and uncovering underlying problems. Trust your gut to know whether or not you are compromising on something important.

A Feeling of Relief

This card may also refer to the feeling of relief that comes when a conflict is over. It’s great to know what there is no longer a need to struggle or compete. You can finally feel secure in yourself and your relationships, without the need to “prove” anything anymore.

In Need of Focus

Lately, you may have been feeling a bit scattered. You’ve been busy jumping from one thing to another, but when you look back, you come to realize that you’re stuck right where you started. If you want to make progress towards achieving your goals, you must have focus and attention. Keep your eyes firmly set on your priorities. Don’t get lost worrying about other possibilities or opportunities. Just stay committed to what you set out to do originally.


The Five of Wands reversed may be a sign that your relationship is about to turn a corner after a particularly rough time. The arguments have finally come to an end now that you have found some common ground. You’ve come to mutually agreeable solutions to address your problems. Perhaps one of you has even learned how to control your temper when emotions rise.

Although it was challenging, this conflict has been productive since you have learned about yourself and each other. It effectively cleared the air between you, allowing you to find that ideal balance between intimacy and individuality.


Your love life simply isn’t what it used to be. It’s lost the spark it once had. While you used to have lots of potential suitors surrounding you, now it seems like you have none. This can be damaging to your confidence, leaving you feeling shy or intimidated. Don’t be afraid to “put yourself out there” so you can meet new people.

Or perhaps there’s someone special who has caught your eye. You’re very interested in them. But unfortunately, they seem reluctant to give things a try with you. You shouldn’t take this personally – their rejection has much more to do with them than it does with you. This may be your cue that it is time to move on to other prospects. If this relationship is meant to be, you’ll have to be patient.


The ongoing conflict and competition at your work has finally come to an end. You need to set aside your differences and join forces in order to complete an important project. It’s time to get the job done. You can’t do it alone – teamwork is what leads to success. Focus on communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page going forward.

This card could also be a warning that conflict is coming. Always think before you act so you can handle things in a calm and rational manner. Whenever possible, avoid getting into arguments. It is incredibly important now for you to take steps to protect yourself for what is to come. Track and record your actions carefully – keep a paper trail for everything you do. If you must be engaged in a critical discussion, have a neutral witness present to observe.

If you are currently looking for work, try not to worry about the competition you are up against. It is important to focus on your own strengths and the unique talents you bring. Stay positive during your search.

Money Matters

If you’ve recently gone through a rough patch financially, the Five of Wands reversed may mean that your money problems are over.

On the other hand, this card may be a warning to financial issues you will soon encounter. You’ll have to work harder if you want to get your finances under control. Although it may seem as though there is nothing you can do, this is not the case. You may think there is no way to cut your expenses or bring in more money. But take a step back from your budget. Try to view things from the perspective of a third party. What would they suggest? You’ll likely discover more options than you initially thought. Still having trouble finding ways to fix things? Try discussing your finances with someone who can help.


Things have been rough for you physically lately. You’re dealing with a lot of pain. Do not ignore this – you need to seek treatment. If a doctor dismisses your concerns, insist on further testing or get a second opinion. Even though they may not have found the source of your pain yet, it is important to figure this one out.

Pain can impact everything in your life, since it reduces your ability to enjoy things fully. In the meantime, do what you can to manage the symptoms, things like eating a good diet, heat, ice, or massage may help provide some relief.


At this time, it’s important to remember that spirituality is not a competition. Everyone’s path is different. You should not listen to anyone who tries to tell you that you should be growing at a certain speed or in a specific way. Find your own path.

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