Four of Swords Reversed Tarot Card


The reversed Four of Swords brings to focus a restlessness in your life, upturning the calm and quiet you’ve likely enjoyed and pushing you to action. This can be positive if you’ve been dragging your feet and avoiding your responsibilities for some extra time to yourself. For others, the Four of Swords reversed is a brutal awakening from the peaceful sleep you truly need. There is a time for rest and a time for work, so you will need to be honest with yourself about the true meaning of this card’s appearance in your life. Whether it is positive or to nudge you out of inaction one thing remains true, it is there to warn you of becoming complacent. Life moves on daily with or without you but do not allow yourself to get too far behind. Re-energize and get back into routine as the longer you linger in inaction, the harder it is to free yourself from it.

Relationships: From Apathy To Action

Have you found yourself simply accepting the single life as it is? If you have lost all drive to chase after the positive, supportive, loving relationship you desire, the Four of Swords reversed may appear as a warning to get out of a pit of apathy. After many failed attempts at finding a partner, it isn’t uncommon to slip into an “I don’t care attitude” to convince yourself that you aren’t hurting. Many situations in life are difficult, and the dating game is no exception. You simply must realize that it is unlikely that your soulmate will simply fall into your lap with no effort on your part. Apathy in itself is a barrier to achieving the things you truly wish for, and no amount of faking a lack of interest will make the pain more bearable. The Four of Swords reversed is giving you the kick you need to get back out there and give it a better try.

As humans, we thrive on personal and social connections. Unless you are stranded on a desert island alone, giving up is not an acceptable answer. From apathy comes a lack of sympathy and empathy for those around you and once that sets in, even the most interested of suitors may balk. To escape the crushing press of apathy, break your ultimate goal into smaller subgoals to help. For instance, set out to make at least one new friend a month. Even if a particular friendship doesn’t evolve into something more, the experience contributes to your comfort and confidence in social situations and maintaining bonds. The attitude of apathy applies to many things, and the answer will always be the same. Find something to care about and set achievable goals so you can avoid apathy-inducing burnout and build on the progress. Regardless of the reason, the point remains the same, do not allow yourself to stagnate in apathy or you will never achieve what you truly desire.

Escaping Isolation

Every single person alive needs some downtime away from the hustle and bustle of life on occasion. A break from people to rest and recharge is normal; it is when you remain in that state for a prolonged period that things become a problem. The Four of Swords reversed can represent a need to get out of this antisocial tomb you have created for yourself. When the world is beating you down, there is comfort in the silence of isolation. You are free of the noise, stresses, and criticisms that come from dealing with the people around you. Now that you have rested and recharged you have an important choice to make. You can be like the child who pretends to cough to extend his school absence by one more day, or you can show the world that you are resilient and continue chugging on despite difficulties. Every moment spent in isolation can harm the relationships you treasure so you must ask yourself is it truly worth it to hide away from the world? Remember that for every frustration you find in being around people, there are comforts as well. There are supportive, encouraging individuals and those you can share your burdens with and spill your soul to. It is not all doom and gloom and not everyone is your enemy.

The Push For Progress

If there is a big step or mini-goal you’ve been planning to achieve, the Four of Swords reversed it letting you know there is no time like the present to start. Unlike those stricken with apathy, you know what you want and likely have it all planned out top to bottom. So what is missing? The green light. The confidence that now is the time to stick your neck out and take those risks. You’ve checked and double-checked to ensure you are prepared, but you simply don’t know if now is the right time. The reversed Four of Swords is here to give you a much-needed shove out of the starting gate and get your goals underway. Now that you know the time for rest is over, how do you gain the confidence to start your journey? The answer is to share your goals with others so they can support you.

As a starting point, do not share your goal as something you’ve been considering. After all your hard work and deliberation, you KNOW what you want, so do not leave an opening for someone to convince you out of it. You may have been hiding it away and afraid to speak the words out of fear of judgment. Now you should realize that watchful eyes can be an incentive to do your best. Those who know of your goals can provide encouragement when you start to slip up or struggle. Best of all are those who hold you accountable and become a part of your team edging you toward progress. Shoot for the stars and never give up, the hardest part is starting in the first place.

The Four of Swords reversed is an alarm clock informing you that the time for action and awakening is now. Whether you have suffered with feelings of apathy or remained in isolation for far too long, this tarot card urges you to get moving. The easiest action in life is simply inaction, but that will not help you achieve any of the things you want and deserve. This sign is not one to be ignored and you must consider the effect you have on those around you.  Just as others can be a supportive influence on you, you may well be needed as a shoulder for someone else. Avoid becoming the weak link in the chain, show your strength by getting back onto your feet and surging on. An experienced tarot reader can narrow down the impact of cards appearing in your spread. Consider a live online tarot reading to find out if the Four of Swords is affecting your life and its unique meaning for your present situation. 

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