New Moon Tarot Spread

Full Moon Tarot Spread

There are many ways to deal tarot cards and each person has their own way of getting the cards to show their meanings. For those that follow the tides and the moon, there are different tarot spreads for the different phases of the moon. New moon tarot helps you find answers for life beginnings, waxing moon when the foundation is built, first quarter when you are ready to tackle obstacles, waxing gibbous when it is time to consider a change, full moon full of love and celebration, waning gibbous when it is time to turn inward, and the last quarter for letting go. Use the new moon tarot reading to find out what lies ahead, what you are about to tackle, and what you want to manifest in this month.

In the universe, life waxes and wanes like the tides which are controlled by the moon. In one day, the moon moves just over 12 degrees in the sky and completes a cycle from new moon to new moon in 28 days. Just as a month is for us, for the moon each day is slightly different. Each day, a little bit more of life comes into focus, we see the fullness of everything around us, and then things begin to clear again. When it comes to figuring out what the universe has in store for you, it is important to be able to harness the power of the cycles of the moon.

Benefits of Using the New Moon Spread

There are many stages to making a change in your life, from contemplation, to action, to something new becoming a habit. There are many phases of the moon that can help guide you along your journey of change. The benefits of using the new moon spread is that this is a fresh start and it sets you up to revisit the change that you are looking for as the phases of the moon changes.  

If you are finding that you are having issues and the change you want or the new beginning you are on is not manifesting itself as easily or as quickly as you had hoped, you can enhance your readings and tie the moon phases to the astrological phases. Looking at the new moon in cancer, leo, capricorn, or taurus will help you understand not only how to begin something new, but how your own star sign is affected by the time of year that we are in. Interested in learning more about your star sign? Consult with an advisor on Keen to get a personal astrology reading.

The Right Time for the New Moon Spread

There are some people out there that are strict about when they do their readings, staying true to the exact alignment of the moon and stars. For these folks, the new moon spread would only be completed the day of or within a few days from the new moon. For those that practice tarot or work with a spiritual advisor often, the actual new moon is a wonderful time for the new moon spread as your energy will be aligned with that of the celestial calendar.

For those that are not avid tarot followers or have been away from the practice for some time, waiting for the new moon to be on a particular date on the calendar may be too long. If you are about to go through a major change in your life, expected or unexpected, you may need guidance right away. You may want to consider the phases of the new moon spread right now so that you are not ruminating on change while waiting 20 days for the new moon.

Variations of the New Moon Spread

Just as there are many phases of the moon, there are many ways that you can deal the cards to complete the new moon spread. One of the simplest ways is to shuffle a cleansed tarot deck, take a moment of meditation and then think clearly on three simple questions, dealing just three cards from left to right. The first question is about the past, asking yourself where have you been and what you have recently been through. The second question is about the present, asking yourself where you are in this moment in time. The third question will guide you on the right path, as long as you know where you want to be.  

If you want or need to look deeper into what is in store for you and what is standing in your way, then the five card version of the new moon spread may get you to the answers that you are looking for. In this version of the spread, you are creating a circle with the cards with card 1 at the top, cards 2 and 3 one level below from left to right in neat diagonals from card one, with cards 4 and 5 another level below splitting the first card and creating a base of support for the circle.

In the five card version of the new moon spread, you are asking yourself to look deeper into what path you want to create and what may be standing in your way.

  • Question 1 is about the present, determining where you are at in your life.
  • Question 2 is about the baggage that you are bringing into this new moon cycle and how that may be weighing you down and keeping you back.
  • Question 3 is about your personal drawbacks, asking yourself what you are lacking and what you need in your life in order to grow.
  • Question 4 is your homework assignment, what knowledge do you need in order to help you create the change you are looking for.
  • Question 5 is full of hope, asking what positivity is to come when the moon makes the transitions to its fullest phase. 

Harness the Power of the Moon to Create Change

The new moon is a time of cleansing and of growth; it is an invitation to make a change and foster part of yourself that is missing. Just as the new moon is in line with the sun so that you cannot see it, this is the time to put your trust into the universe that things are there and if you are open to them, they will reveal themselves even if you cannot see them at this moment.

If you are ready for a change, looking to grow or find that you are about to make a leap and are not sure if there is a net underneath you, get an online tarot reading from a trusted Keen advisor. We want you to know that you are not alone. There are phases to the moon and phases to life which, we can help you navigate your way through. Are you looking for answers? Just like the new moon in the sky, are you open to guidance even if you cannot see it clearly in front of you?

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