Nine of Cups Reversed Tarot Card


As the Nine of Cups in its upright position is a card everyone seeks to see during their reading, having the reversed card appear can be both shocking and upsetting. The Nine of Cups reversed tells a tale of disappointment and failure to get what you truly desire, even if you deserve it. Some may interpret it as some great karmic punishment or other sign, but this is not always the case. Life will have its struggles from time to time and the immense fearful reaction connected with this card is often unwarranted and overdone. Inquiring individuals who have had the fateful Nine of Cups reversed pop up in their spread should keep in mind that this is a minor arcana card. Hence, its effects will rarely ever be long-term or supremely impactful. Minor Arcana is a focus or reflection on your thoughts, feelings, notable changes, and daily struggles. While the appearance of the Nine of Cups in a reversed position will never spell out good news, it is important not to get so worked up by your worry of the meaning that you extend the effect via self-fulfilling prophecy. For a bit of insight on a Nine of Cups reversed appearance, we have provided a list frequently seen interpretations below.

The Grass Is Always Greener

Often the Nine of Cups reversed appears as an after effect, referencing the fact you have received all you wanted and yet found it not as appealing as you once believed. Perhaps you finally won the attention of the man or woman you desired, only to find that they are shallow, lacking in devotion, or are even downright abusive. You may have gotten worked up chasing what you saw someone else prosper with, but end up with that same dream dying in your hands. In this case, the Nine of Cups reversed may be a well-timed scolding for your lack of contentment and acceptance for the good you already have in life. Desiring the gifts of others or those who were clearly not meant for you will never end well. Being satisfied with what you have is a hard lesson to learn, and a state of contentment is so often framed as negative in favor of ambition. Be wary of hinging your personal fulfillment on achieving what others have done.

Undeserved Unhappiness

When your struggles have peaked, your self-esteem and hopefulness in life may plummet. It is hard to maintain any amount of confidence when everything feels as if it is falling apart. This feeling is only amplified when you have done everything in your power to stay the course and do as you should, only to ultimately end up failing regardless. These situations require you to take a step back and maybe even recite the serenity prayer to remind yourself that life and its various troubles are not always in your hands. The smiling, confident, and incredibly fulfilled man from the Nine of Cups upright will be you in the future, but you must hold on to make that a possibility. In trying times it is easy to surrender to pessimism, but that can be the biggest mistake of your life. Think of the situation that the Nine of Cups reversed is referencing as an annoying commercial. It is annoying, maybe even inconvenient if it interrupted an exciting part of your favorite show or TV movie, but it will be over soon.

Painful Reflection

The Nine of Cups reversed can show up to invoke some deep thought about your behavior, and provide a forewarning of results if you continue along your current path. Perhaps all is going well for you, but you have admittedly become rather smug and even arrogant about your success. You may have tried to stay humble, but the thrill of being on top became too much and you sank into regrettably immature behavior. Others may be experiencing a moment where they think they have beaten karma, and all the negative actions they took to obtain success feel like they were worth it. If any of these apply to you, take heed of the appearance of the Nine of Cups reversed as your life may soon be experiencing an earth-shattering wake-up call. Complete devastation may well be on the horizon for you and soon the only people who will be smiling will be those you once mocked. For some individuals, there may still be time to amend your ways and revert your gloating back into humble gratitude. It is important to take this warning for what it is and act on it. Failure to do so could well be your worst mistake.

Perilous Personal Relationships

Continuing with the theme of a lack of fulfillment, the Nine of Cups reversed can easily be referring to the state of your personal relationships. The love and intimacy you once enjoyed with your partner may have all but dried up, leaving you wondering what your next step is. Take note that the reversed Nine of Cups does not point you in any direction, it is merely a statement or recognition of the situation at hand. You will need to make the choice that is right for you and not automatically assume it means it is time to move on or stick around. This card may also be a sign that you were not prepared to enter the relationship you were in. You may be in a state of your life where casual and less intense relationships are better for you. By entering into a serious relationship and being unable to provide the maturity and focus your partner desires, you may feel like a failure. Long-term relationships and marriage are a cultural expectation, but do not let this push you into something you are not ready for. Figure out who you are and what you truly want if your relationship is struggling and this card is revealed.

The Nine of Cups in the reversed position generally shows disappointment, disillusionment, or general unhappiness with the way things are going. It is not the picture perfect scenario of satisfaction that its upright counterpart displays, but it also is not a life sentence. While you can not prevent life from dealing you a bad hand from time to time, you can persevere and grow stronger as a person. Ridding yourself of any cycle of bitter and boastful behavior can go a long way towards making the Nine of Cups reversed a thing of the past. The most important lesson here besides learning to be content with what you have, will be learning to pick yourself up when you fall and not wallowing in the pit of any mistakes you might make. For an authentic personal tarot reading along with guidance, consider an online reading from our experienced tarot readers.

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