Nine of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card


Once again, it’s time for an episode of “Don’t Worry About That Card” here are Reversed Tarot Central. If you’re familiar with its upright interpretation, the Nine of Pentacles Reversed can look like doom on the way. It’s not. It has a message, to be sure, and it’s one you’d better act on. But it will turn into disaster only if you decide it will. And in many cases, the card signals a situation that’s much more gentle than you may realize.

Comfort at Last, for the Upright

In its upright form, the Nine of Pentacles is the card of material comfort and some mental comfort as well. Money may not buy everything, but if you can pay your bills and live without too much financial or material fear, you’re doing pretty good.

This is a card of the mature and wise use of resources to create a life that is stable and supported. Impulse spending is not a problem; one of the big messages on the card is the sense of calm and control that the woman has over both her neatly trimmed garden and the falcon on her arm. She has a healthy sense of restraint that has paid off and allowed her to live in a very comfortable, if not luxurious, way.

Hang in There

OK, so that’s all well and good, but what do you do if the card shows up in your spread upside-down? If you’re familiar with the general rule that reversed can mean opposite or stuck, you may get nervous. Wait.

It is possible that the Nine of Pentacles reversed could indicate financial loss or insecurity. If you think that is the applicable interpretation, remember that this is a snapshot of your current path. You can take the card’s advice and change your future into one more to your liking.

Maybe you’re asking about a business plan or how your sales are going to go over the next year, and you get this card as an outcome card. That certainly does signal failure in some sense, but the card is also giving you a chance to call in help. Have someone re-evaluate your business plan, or look for ways to build up more reserves.

But there’s a less drastic side to that interpretation. Maybe you’re spending more than your budget allows, or you haven’t really done much to build up savings. The Nine of Pentacles reversed could indicate that if you continue down those paths, your financial future won’t be very stable. That’s not such an unusual prediction, and you could look at it as the cards giving you a nudge to get going on that retirement savings plan. Maybe you have a business idea and want to get a feel for where it could lead. The nine of Pentacles reversed indicates that the plan either needs serious reworking or a complete

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