The Nine Cards of The Tarot

A couple pulls the nine of cups in the tarot reading.

There are 78 cards in the tarot deck, so it can be a bit overwhelming to try and learn all their meanings in one swoop. With that in mind, we’re going to focus on the tarot nines in this post. Each card in the tarot deck is numbered, and while it’s organized in numerical order, cards sharing the same number have similar points of reference. Each card with the number nine on it (a total of five) reflects elements of isolation, anticipation, and heightened awareness.

While we’ll get into the Minor Arcana cards in a bit, it’s important to point out that The Hermit Card, among the 22 Major Arcana, is also associated with the number nine. The Hermit is the most introverted and solitary card in the deck. When this card appears in your reading, you will be making great strides in accelerating your education and wisdom by isolated study disconnected from any groups — or even from a traditional mentor-apprentice relationship. Your research could be valuable to your earning power or lead to an expansion of your philosophical mindset. Another modern-day interpretation is that the light emitted from The Hermit’s lantern could also represent non-stop internet surfing or game playing.

The number nine cards in the Minor Arcana shed additional light on your past, present, and potential future, so let’s take a closer look at these cards in the event that they appear in your spread. 


Number Nine Tarot Cards Minor Arcana

Nine of Wands Tarot

The man illustrated on The Nine of Wands has been through a battle. He holds onto his sizable walking stick, called a wand in tarot lore, aware of the eight wands lined up near him. Are they against him? Has he seized them? The questions of this scene play out when you link the illustration of this card to your own situation — this is how The Nine of Wands tarot card is interpreted in a reading. Have you won the war after losing every battle? When the cause for which you fight is self-improvement, the isolation from group assistance is balanced with the thrill of knowing that you alone accomplished something. Wands represent creativity, and the creative solution to challenges is found within.

Nine of Pentacles Tarot

Pentacles represent money and the material plane. The Nine of Pentacles meaning suggests while we all want to get by and earn a good living, the temptation of being among the wealthy is something that few of us could turn down. The Nine of Pentacles illustrates a person who is so enamored with material wealth that she is completely cut off from the world. Have you become hooked on your gadgets, bill payments, and pursuit of status as measured by your possessions? Consider how this might be isolating you from living your life.

Nine of Cups Tarot

As satisfying as the man in The Nine of Cups card appears, for all that he seems to have, he’s alone. The neat row of nine cups illustrated behind him represents emotions. The Nine of Cups meaning is your relationship with your own feelings. Perhaps you feel as though there is a core disconnect from the love you have to give and the lack of someone with whom to share it. The absence of a successful relationship challenges the confidence you feel by being a great partner. 

Nine of Swords Tarot

The Nine of Swords is a dark and lonely card. The lone figure has awoken from a nightmare and, with his or her head in its hands, is obviously filled with regret about the past — and possibly fears of the future. The quilt covering this person in the bed is adorned with astrological motifs, indicating fate will decide the depth of his or her guilt. The Nine of Swords tarot card meaning can also be deep self-awareness. Perhaps a moment when you see a shortcoming in yourself or your performance that may have been blocking you from advancement. 


Interpreting Number Nine Tarot Cards 

If more than one card with the number nine is in your reading, you will likely be dealing directly with the themes of isolation, study, awareness, advancing consciousness, and an increase in power in the future. If your reading features a card numbered nine in the past position, the foundation of where you are now is based on an incident or period in your life when you were alone. If a nine is in the present position, focus on your ability to find your own space and work out your issues through study and meditation. If the future position of your reading holds a nine, look to find comfort in your alone time in the months ahead.


Interested In Learning If Number Nine Tarots Are In Your Cards? 

Now that you know the meaning behind each of the nine cards, it’s time to figure out what they signify if they turn up in your spread. While all tarot cards have a general message, they’re going to have a specific significance based on your current situation. With that said, a Keen tarot reader can provide you with an insightful reading that can help you gain clarity, remove roadblocks, receive closure, and prepare yourself for the future.

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