The appearance of the Nine of Swords reversed in your tarot spread can seem as worrisome as its upright counterpart, but it tells of a chance of peace. The strikingly disturbed figure sitting up in bed out of an apparent nightmare will never seem warm and welcoming regardless of card position. The reversed nature of the card does not remove the associations with trauma, guilt, anxiety and other negative emotions, it does offer a path out if you are willing to take it. As with most misfortune, you must be prepared to put in a generous amount of effort to free yourself from your current situation. It will not be a walk in the park or something easily achieved. The following are a few common interpretations for the appearance of this card, and some soul-soothing wisdom for dealing with its meaning.

Learning To Let Go

The reversed Nine of Swords can occasionally be a reminder that your daily stress is purely a result of your inability to let something go. There are many situations in your life that you have control over, but the one you are endlessly agonizing about is not one of them. Heed the words of the famous serenity prayer and learn to accept the things you cannot change. For those watching loved ones stubbornly continue down a road of alcoholism or other problems this card is your wake up call. You can not force others to do what is right and you must stop letting them drag you down. It may be your own struggles that you are failing to move past or failing to forgive yourself for. You must look ahead to your bright future and realize that you don’t want to be carrying this same weight when you get there. You have a ball and chain around your ankle but the key is in your pocket. Free yourself from what is plaguing you and learn to truly let go.

Accepting The Help You Need

When you have endured everything alone for so long either by necessity or choice, it becomes easy to overlook offerings of help. You may be strong and independent but the Nine of Swords reversed has shown itself for a reason. We are not as indestructible as we imagine, and there should be no loss of pride for accepting a hand when you need it. Some individuals have a very hard time seeing offers of assistance for what they are. In this case, you will want to ask and inform others of your need. The squeaky wheel gets the grease after all. The mere suggestion of getting professional help can be a sore spot for many people due to the cultural stigma associated with the decision. However, there are situations when it can be beneficial to look into it. Friends, family, and self-help books can only do so much for those who are truly suffering, but the choice is ultimately yours. What is most important above all is finding something that works, and that is not harmful to you. The second point is something many choose to ignore while they drown themselves in various distractions like gambling, drug use, or dangerous thrill-seeking behavior. You must open your eyes to the avenues available to you and take one.

Gutting The Guilt

Are you suffering through guilt that continues to return, slowly eating at your sanity? The Nine of Swords reversed can shine a light on guilt that is simply stewing and hounding your steps.

Unresolved guilt is often the one exception to the helpfulness of simply letting things go. It has a way of striking back, haunting you in punishment for not making amends in any way you can. It is a positive in that it is a sign of your humanity and care for those you have harmed. The simplest way to deal with unresolved guilt is to separate your thoughts into things you can do and things you cannot and banish the former. You cannot go back in time or change things that have already occurred so it is pointless to dwell and recite these desires. You can be honest with your partner about your cheating, you can humbly apologize to the loved ones of a car crash victim, you can make amends by helping others like the one you once scorned. The more you focus on the things you can do, the more relief is available to you.

Once you have done what you can, you must accept it. Get rid of the “It’s never enough” thought patterns to help allay these feelings. You have made the steps a responsible, caring adult would to address a past indiscretion. You owe nothing more, and don’t need to spend the rest of your life suffering for these actions. By your choices to make amends you have paid your dues. Those who are hurting may not ever be satisfied, but you can not allow their pain to hold you back from a chance of life. It is not a selfish action to move forward once you have done what is reasonable to make amends. We have all done truly regrettable things, but we learn our lessons, face the consequences and go on living. Once you recognize a reason to find peace with yourself, the guilt will at last end.

The Nine of Swords reversed can be a scary card to come across. It does not tell of riches, good fortune, or freedom from pain. What it does say is that the suffering you’re experiencing now does not need to continue. The road out may be hidden, arduous, or long, but that road truly does exist. A tarot card’s meaning is unique to your specific situation and struggles. To receive insight and guidance that is in tune with you, consider a live online tarot reading with one of our experienced tarot readers.

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