Queen of Hearts Meaning

queen of hearts meaning

Cartomancy is the art of using playing cards as a form of divination. Ever since the 14th century when traditional card decks appeared in Europe, cartomancers have been using them for fortune-telling. Much like tarot, the cards tell a story that can help you receive insight into various areas of your life. 

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There are 52 cards in a standard deck. Each card can be interpreted in many ways depending on the area of your life you are asking about as well as their relationship to the surrounding cards. It can feel overwhelming for new cartomancers to learn the cards. Below is an in-depth guide to the Queen of Hearts to help you. 

Queen of Hearts Key Facts

Suit: Hearts

Upright Meaning: Compassion, warmth, self-love, counselor, healer, supportive, divine feminine, unconditional love

Reversed Meaning: Insecure, fragile, dependent, over-giving, martyr

Yes or No: Yes, but follow your intuition.

Tarot Card: Queen of Cups

Star Sign: Cancer

Queen of Hearts Description

In traditional playing card decks, the Queen of Hearts is dressed in an elaborate gown and cradling a flower. The symbolism of the flower which appears in all four suits of the queens represents an achievement of self-growth; queens are mature feminine energies who are in full control of themselves. Her soft expression connotes her sincere and compassionate nature. She is the embodiment of self-love and is able to hold space for others. 

Queen of Hearts as a Person

A warm-hearted, loving woman, the Queen of Hearts is someone who has mastered her emotions. She is intuitive, creative, and compassionate. These qualities make her an excellent listener – she may work as a healer or counselor. Regal and sincere, the Queen of Hearts can read people’s emotions and offer support from a place of genuine care.

Queen of Hearts Love

When a person is exemplifying the Queen of Hearts energy in a love reading, they are someone who chooses themselves unconditionally, making them a powerful magnet for their ideal counterpart. If you pull this card in a love reading, it is likely you are stepping into your sense of self-worth, have strong boundaries, and give without expectations. In an existing romantic relationship, this could signify that you need to spend some more time working on yourself and be mindful of not overinvesting in the connection. Discern whether your relationship may be codependent where you play the role of mother or caretaker to your partner. A healthy relationship is balanced and should never be the result of one person sacrificing themselves for another.

Depending on the surrounding cards – if the Queen of Hearts appears with the King of Hearts – the relationship is equally measured and secure.

For singles, the Queen of Hearts in a love reading is asking the querent to strengthen their relationship with themselves. They may be going through some major changes in their inner world and experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Queen of Hearts Career

In a career reading, the Queen of Hearts may appear to symbolize ways you may be stuck or keeping yourself small. She asks you to consider ways you might be self-sabotaging so you may step into your power. It is likely that nothing in your external reality is holding you back from success, just your lack of self-belief. 

This reflective queen is asking you to be honest with yourself. Pursue paths that empower you and pay little attention to the opinions of others. You are in control of your own destiny, and you are now at the stage where you can manifest this into the physical. 

Queen of Hearts Yes or No

Since the Queen of Hearts is deeply intuitive and the embodiment of self-love and self-care, she is a “yes” to your question. The card is asking you to follow your hunches and make sure you are choosing outcomes that align with joy and personal growth. If you have been stuck in a situation for a while, the Queen of Hearts is suggesting you have the courage to change your circumstances. Choose yourself and follow your heart.
Want to learn more about cartomancy? Check out our yes/no guide to the playing cards. This guide helps you better understand how to read individual cards and how to interpret them with one another in a reading.

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