Ace of Hearts Meaning

ace of hearts meaning

If you are familiar with tarot cards, you might also know that you can do intuitive readings with playing cards. This form of fortune-telling is known as cartomancy and has been around since the 14th century when traditional card decks appeared in Europe. Cartomancers would look to the cards to give them clarity on a range of questions seeing them as a powerful tool for divination.

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Each playing card in a 52-card standard deck is rich in meaning and can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the surrounding cards and the question posed by the querent. It can feel overwhelming for new cartomancers to learn all their meanings. If you are needing some extra guidance, below is an in-depth guide to the Ace of Hearts to help you. 

Ace of Hearts Key Facts

Suit: Hearts

Upright Meaning: New love, unconditional love, a new relationship of any kind, newfound feelings, pleasure

Reversed Meaning: Feeling unloved, coldness, emptiness, 

Yes or No: Yes, let your heart guide the way.

Tarot Card: Ace of Cups

Star Sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Ace of Hearts Description

One red heart situated in the center of the playing card defines the Ace of Hearts – a card depicting a new love, a new beginning, and the birth of newfound feelings. The Ace of Hearts reminds readers that the heart should be the center through which all other areas of our life expand.

Ace of Hearts General Meaning

Consider this a good omen if you pull the Ace of Hearts in a reading. A new beginning or a breakthrough in your emotional state is characterized by this card. You may be entering a more emotionally fulfilling chapter of your life. This card indicates a change of residence, a return home after a period, or even a new home purchase. The Ace of Hearts embodies the energy of “home is where the heart is.”

Ace of Hearts Love

In an existing relationship, the Ace of Hearts may represent a declaration of love or even a proposal or wedding. For married couples, it can suggest a happy life or a period of great emotional fulfillment. Since the Ace of Hearts is very much concerned with the home environment, this card can suggest a deeper connection to your family and neighborhood. Your partner and you may be spending more time at home, enjoying each other’s company. 

Ace of Hearts Career

If you are searching for a new job, the Ace of Hearts can symbolize a new opportunity gifted to you that makes you excited. It may be a creative project that is close to your heart or an opportunity to work with a close friend. More than likely, your work environment is full of like-minded individuals that you get along with. 

Another interpretation is that you might start a new job where you can work from home or you may be taking some space from your career to focus on your home life.

If you are asking about an existing workplace, the Ace of Hearts can imply that your work colleagues are the main reason you enjoy your job. You may be working in a creative team or feel a sense of belonging in your workplace. 

Ace of Hearts Yes or No

The Ace of Hearts is a positive card to pull in a reading. As with all aces, the answer is yes – the card symbolizes new energy and a new beginning. Since this card sits in the suit of hearts, the card is asking you to follow your heart with your decision. Hearts resonate with cups in tarot, the suit of emotions and feelings. The Ace of Hearts is calling you to say yes to the things that make you feel good. If you are asking about an existing relationship or new romantic interest, the Ace of Hearts card is a strong yes.
Expand your spiritual practice and develop your intuition with cartomancy. Explore our yes/no guide to the playing cards to help you better understand how to read individual cards and how to interpret them with one another in a reading.

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