Queen of Spades Meaning

queen of spades meaning

Aside from the classic card games, playing cards can also be used as a powerful tool for divination. This fortune-telling technique is known as cartomancy and emerged in Europe around the 14th century when card decks were first introduced. 

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The Queen of Spades is a court card in the 52-card deck and can be interpreted in many different ways. Corresponding to the Queen of Swords in tarot, you can decipher many layers of meaning individually and in a cartomancy reading with other cards. Here is a complete guide to the Queen of Spades court card to help you discover the messages trying to come through for you. 

Queen of Spades Key Facts

Suit: Spades

Upright Meaning: Fair, honest, direct, thoughts over feelings, constructive criticism

Reversed Meaning: Pessimistic, bitter, manipulative, distrust, prejudice

Yes or No: Yes, but make sure you are checking your intentions

Tarot Card: Queen of Swords

Star Sign: Libra

Queen of Spades Description

Intelligent and discerning, the Queen of Spades is calm, cool, and collected. This woman is quick-witted with piercing eyes and a sharp tongue. In the card, she is holding parchment which suggests her love for learning and absorbing information. She also holds a flower symbolizing that her desire for growth comes from studying the world around her. 

Queen of Spades as a Person

The airy Queen of Spades is a clever and witty woman. For the most part, she is fair and honest in her dealings with others, but at times, she may come across to others as a woman who is jealous. Sometimes, she can appear too judgmental because she has such a critical mind and loves to analyze situations in detail. The Queen of Spades is intimidating to a lot of people.

The shadow side of the Queen of Spades is her power to manipulate others. Because she is so intelligent, she is able to see through a lot of people and she can use this to her advantage to get what she wants. She is bitter when she doesn’t get her way and can be extremely unforgiving when she feels someone has wronged her.

This queen is on a quest for wisdom. She derives purpose from understanding how things work and her logical mind is needed by others who can get swept up in the bigger picture but lack the ability to see the smaller details. They may develop a flourishing career as writers later in their life.

Queen of Spades Love Meaning

In a love reading, the Queen of Spades can symbolize a relationship that is founded on an intellectual connection rather than emotions. Love is stimulated by the ability to understand each other and push each other to grow. This character is a sapiosexual and usually takes a step back before they get involved with romantic partners to evaluate if they are the right fit for them. 

In a singles love reading, the Queen of Spades can suggest that you think more with your head than your heart – this character looks at the person standing in front of them, not their potential. They can discern the red flags straight away and can come across as guarded, cool, and aloof.  

Queen of Spades Career Meaning

If you pull the Queen of Spades in a career reading, this card can suggest that you should follow a path that will allow you to learn more skills. The Queen of Spades is likely to succeed in any career they pursue because they have the motivation to find out what they don’t know and the ability to charm others with their quick wit and intelligence.

Another interpretation is that there is an opportunity to receive a promotion at your current work if you are willing to put in the work and learn more. Because you are level-headed, well-spoken, and fair, you thrive in jobs in the fields of communication. 

The Queen of Spades can also suggest that an opportunity may come to you through a social setting when you are working your charm on others.

Queen of Spades Yes or No

If you are asking a specific question and you pull the Queen of Spades, the answer is yes. You will be able to discern what is best for you and not get swept up in the emotions. However, you should check your intentions when making your decision. 
Learn more about cartomancy with our yes/no playing cards guide. This guide helps you better understand how to read individual cards and how to interpret them with one another in a reading.

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