The Emperor Reversed Tarot Card


The Emperor reversed tarot card is all about power. He acts as though he is all powerful and has everything under control. But his upside down position is a sign of instability. You cannot depend on him, as he will run away and make excuses when things go wrong. He will never take responsibility for the mess he has caused. If the reversed Emperor card shows up during one of your readings with a Keen tarot card advisor, here are a few potential interpretations of what the card might mean. (You can also learn about the Emperor tarot card in its upright form.)

Power Hungry

The Emperor reversed represents a negative presence in your life right now. His primary objective is to obtain and maintain control in every situation. He abuses his authoritative powers over you to domineer you. He is set in his ways, unable to adapt to new information. This struggle for control and power may come from a boss, partner, or other influential person in your life. Or, you may find that its origins lie within yourself.

Sometimes, this person may be subtle in their quest for power. It may seem as though everything is going smoothly. You may even feel as though you have control of the situation. But this is all an illusion. They are simply waiting for the right moment to strike. Stay aware because they will make a power move – it’s a matter of when, not if.

Facing the Emperor

You may find yourself feeling powerless in this struggle for dominance when facing the reversed Emperor tarot card. No matter how you try to overcome it, all you encounter are endless difficulties that prevent you from making any progress towards your goals. Now is the time to shift your outlook and course of action.

Rather than rebel against the Emperor’s authority, your best solution is likely to seem a bit non-traditional. Find ways to handle these problems logically and systematically. Or it may be time to leave your current situation for one which allows for more flexibility. You may also find success in starting your own business now.

Newfound Job Freedom

The reversed Emperor may have several potential meanings when it appears in a career tarot reading. One interpretation is that you are tired of dealing with people who abuse their power. Now is the time to seek a new career that gives you the flexibility and ability to use your creativity freely.

This tarot card may also mean that you have realized that you want to avoid displaying the Emperor’s traits in your own career. Being in charge does not interest you any longer. You have grown tired of following strict routines and rules. Instead, you would rather focus on using your creative energies to advance your career.

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A Need for Structure

The reversed Emperor card may also be a signal that you need more structure in your life. Your lack of self control and ambition have lead to nothing but chaos. Now is the time to restore order through structured plans of action.

A Strained Relationship

If you see the Emperor card reversed during a relationship tarot card reading, the long term outlook for your current relationship is likely not great. Things started off fine in the beginning of the relationship. You wanted someone who would take care of you and keep you grounded. However, things have now gotten too far out of hand. Your partner has become possessive and dominating over you, taking away your individual freedom. This puts a tremendous strain on the relationship, making it hard to recover and maintain a successful long-term relationship together.

On My Own

The reversed Emperor may represent someone that you trust, but who will not stand by your side when things get tough. When crisis strikes, they will be absolutely no help. They may be uninterested in your predicament or avoid you completely. They may be judgmental about your current situation or offer bad advice that will lead you astray. Or they may lack the nerve to face disaster, freezing up and being completely useless. Do not waste your time seeking help from this person. Instead, find others you can truly depend on when you need it the most.

Lack of Ambition

This reversed tarot card may also represent a lack of ambition. You are not reaching your full potential because you are too passive and simply accept your current state of mediocrity. You are too willing to follow someone else’s rules. It’s time to find your passion. Don’t you want something more than what you have now? In order to make that happen, you will have to put work into developing a plan and doing whatever is necessary to see it through.

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