What Does it Mean to Be a Taurus?

Taurus men and women are the masters of practicality and stability in all things. If there is any sign you can count on to remain grounded and resistant to change for better or worse, it is the Taurus. The bull brings with it both beloved traits and infamous ones and any inquiring partner needs to know they won’t get to pick and choose. The idea of the bull being a dangerous animal that is quick to anger really does a disservice to true Taurus-born. The bulls of the zodiac are neither dangerous nor aggressive, except when they feel a need to protect their loved ones.

A Taurus is, however, relentlessly stubborn and often won’t budge whether you bring the carrot or the stick. As a Taurus, you know the world is ripe for the taking, and you are determined to get your piece out of it. Your innate desire for stability doesn’t leave you wistful; it causes your action and ambition to rise and better yourself. Piling up riches from your hard work is not your thing and you aim to enjoy every last dollar from your hard earned work. You are durable and powerful – but below the surface, your heart is soft and sweet. You are the immovable, dependable, and responsible force of the zodiac and that is what it means to be a Taurus.

Mythology And Facts About The Patient And Protective Taurus

To name yourself among the Taurus-born your birth date must fall between April 20th and May 20th. You join the ranks of famous Taurus individuals such as William Shakespeare, Dwayne Johnson, and Catherine the Great. The Greek mythology behind the charming bull of the zodiac is shorter than many other myths and showcases the mischief of the gods as usual. In the most cited myth, Zeus fell in love with a princess from Phoenicia named Europa. His desire to possess her was powerful, but as a God (and a married one at that), he couldn’t simply walk up and claim her. Instead, he took on the form of a beautiful white bull that was gentle and friendly, allowing her and all her friends to pet it. As the bull knelt before her, she mounted it and it swiftly carried her away to an island where Zeus set upon her with his affections. Zeus ultimately placed the Taurus constellation in the sky, whether it was out of respect for how easily the disguise won over her attention or for some other reason is unknown.

While not a particularly lengthy or even kind story, it does hint at some of the common traits of Taurus-born. Namely, these include possessiveness, determination and the much-loved sweet and gentle side of the bull. In any relationship with a Taurus, all three will likely be hard if not impossible to miss. Taurus is a fixed sign, and you really cannot expect much change to his or her personality that has been a lifetime in the making. What you can demand are reasonable levels of traits that can turn into negatives when left to grow out of control. Unchecked possessiveness and jealousy will quickly morph into unhealthy situations – and no one deserves that.

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Taurus Traits And Behaviors

It is the simple things that please the bull and that is the approach to life they tend to take. As a Taurus, you are very likely to be satisfied with life as long as your needs are taken care of and there is time to relax. You don’t need to always be doing something or going out to party and would much rather get some much-needed rest and relaxation at home. You are a hedonist at heart and whether it is great sex, luxurious clothing, or good food that warms your heart, you consider it a perfect day when it occurs. Despite a love for lazy moments when the time is right, you are one of the hardest workers of the zodiac. You take no shortcuts and give every work assignment your all, refusing to ignore any opportunity that could mean better financial security.

It’s a Taurus thing: you are built like a rock, but your heart is soft and vulnerable. You love truly and deeply; the loyalty you give your partner has no match. It really takes a loved one to hurt you, for only they have access to your unguarded heart. Healing from this is a slow and difficult process, but you always succeed – even if it takes time. You are romantic and charming, despite being on the more quieter and introverted side. Your dependability as a friend means they will never be in short supply, and you should treasure that.

Taurus Guidance And Needs

The greatest goal a Taurus can set for his or herself is learning to compromise. This is easier said than done but you close a lot of doors to yourself with your stubbornness. Sometimes you must admit that you don’t do it for any other reason solely than wanting to be the person who never backs down. In incidences where you find yourself struggling with jealousy or possessiveness, focus on getting those thoughts and feelings out into words and it may be easier to work through it with the affected. You are resistant to many things, but shame is not one of them and forcing yourself to verbalize things you know are poor behaviors can help put you on the right path. Remember that all are not as simple to please as you, and many signs need thrills or a much wilder life to feel satisfied. Understand that if you are unwilling to join them in such, giving them the freedom to do so without grumbling is the only other option in keeping the peaceful balance.

Scorpio men and Scorpio women are your karmic partners and they will bring an untamable passion to your lifestyle. You will function as their rock and offer them the patience and emotional connection the scorpion needs. Take notice that you are both stubborn and jealousy-prone individuals, so you would do well not to seek this relationship if you already have this problem uncontrolled. Cancer is another sign that is a great match for the bull. You share a surprising amount of traits and values that make your bond strong and durable. A Cancer woman or Cancer man pairing is worth looking into if the quiet life is what you seek.

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Taurus men and women are gifted with a practical and responsible view of life that most people can only dream of. You never take more than you need and are easy to satisfy when truly loved and cared about. You understand the significance of work-life balance and never forget what is truly important. The Taurus is one of the cogs in the background keeping the world running and never needing or expecting the recognition he or she truly deserves.

This article was intended to give you a glimpse into the background and most commonly seen traits and behaviors of Taurus-born. For a more in-depth and personal look at your life as a Taurus, consider consulting one of Keen’s many online psychic advisors.

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