Page of Wands Reversed Tarot Card


Oh, Page of Wands reversed, what a frustrating situation you represent. There is some good in you, of course; you appeared as a warning to the querent that somehow there will be a block, and now the querent can take action. But did you have to appear in place of your upright version?

Plaintive pleas to inanimate tarot cards aside, the Page of Wands reversed really is a frustrating card in a way because it indicates that a project or expression that you thought might have one effect is going to have a different outcome. The good news is that now you know and can act accordingly, because that’s what Wands are all about. Even if the situation looks like it’s inescapable, you now have an awareness that you didn’t before – and that’s the catalyst you need to make the situation run a lot more smoothly.

Pages and Wands

Pages, also called princesses, are typically younger people, especially girls or very young women, though they can be boys or very young men as well. In the court cards, the page is the child, in a sense – the new kid. And like other “new kids,” there’s usually a sense of excitement and readiness to get going. Wands are energy, action, and fire, either literal or metaphorical.

Page of Wands are the newbies, a burst of fresh energy, the college graduates on the first day at a job they really wanted to get. They’re happy, energetic, and possibly a bit naive – but not in a bad way. If the Page of Wands represents a situation instead of a person, it’s the start of a new project or event.

And Now for the Reverse

Like other people-imagery cards, the Page of Wands reversed shows an upside-down person, harking back to the Hanged Man of the Major Arcana. You just know that fiery “let’s-go!” energy is about to hit a wall when you see that.

So the immediate interpretation of the Page of Wands reversed is that the situation will stall or not let you express energy in the way you wanted. Maybe you’re about to start a new job, and you get the Page of Wands reversed in an outcome or other-people position; that would be an indication that the job will not be as creative as you’d hoped or that the environment there would not support you in your attempt to further improve your life. It’s a stalling, go-nowhere, failure-to-launch card.

If the Page of Wands reversed is in a position that represents you, or advice about how you should handle the situation, there are a number of interpretations. One is that your desire to hit the ground running in a situation isn’t going to happen, or it might happen in a very uneven way. Another possibility is that you’ll end up as the “little fish” in a big situation instead of being the equal participant that you’d hoped. Despite their royal power, pages and princesses are lower on the power ladder than kings and queens. Even though they are powerful compared to other non-royals, the pages are still fairly powerless compared to the rest of the royal family – and that means that you could find yourself in a restricted position.

The card could also represent someone else, of course: that person could intentionally or unintentionally be blocking your progress. Sometimes the card represents a bully or someone out to stop you, but other times it could be someone who is depressed or simply ineffective at helping move the situation along. Another possibility is that the person won’t be so much of a bully as they are a know-it-all.

If you don’t see the card as a person but as a situation or aspect, you’re looking at blockage, unevenness, stifled creativity, and possibly a dead end. Reach out to a psychic advisor on Keen for an aura cleansing to help clear blockages and rebalance your energy field.

Of course, now you know that you have to look out for a person or situation like this, and make appropriate choices. Maybe you should think twice about taking that new job, or you should be extra cautious about starting that new project. Or, it could be time to look for a new situation if the card refers to your current life.

It’s always best to have an entire tarot spread interpreted professionally, especially when you have a card that’s this clear about a change. When you get a tarot reading online and speak with someone who knows the cards well, you can ask more in-depth questions for additional advice about how to handle what’s coming up.

The Page of Wands reversed is not typically a card you want to see. But it’s not a “bad” or “evil” card. It’s merely one that is giving you a head’s up about a change that isn’t what you thought it would be.

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