Queen of Cups Reversed Tarot Card


Do life and love seem to be fighting you every step of the way as of late? Have you felt as if your intuition and spiritual guidance abandoned you? Do you feel as if you are hopelessly drowning in emotions that you simply cannot control? Has dread and constant worry stalked your mind day and night? Haves your partner or friends pointed out your streaks of moodiness or selfishness lately? Do you find yourself lacking the patience needed to forgive honest mistakes by your partner or child? Are you struggling to escape thoughts of vengeance or other malicious acts?. Have you recognized irrational behavior in yourself, but lack the will to change? Are you regularly failing to make logical and rational decisions because emotions are clouding your judgment? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you know the reason for the arrival of this ill-fated Queen. Do not despair, for it is despair that will feed the very mindset you are trying to escape. Allow our insight to help you see clearly through the tough times.

The Sad State Of The Queen

The loving control and peace that the Queen of Cups represents in the upright position are no more. Her peaceful overlook of the sea is now her tumble from glory. The golden cup that once held treasured, deep love, is the first sacrifice she is willing to make to cling to her own throne just a bit longer. The raw emotions of the formerly placid sea are ready to drench her and ultimately drown her if she cannot become a mother to them once more. The Queen’s usual surety driven by dependable intuition has come up short, and she dares not try to find her own path on slippery wet stones. The Queen of Cups reversed is consumed by pessimism, looking toward the sea that threatens to wash her away with great worry. She finds herself lacking the spiritual guidance she thrives on as she is focused on herself, but all is not lost.

Meaning in Past, Present, and Future Positions

For every Tarot reading, your cards will be dealt out into one of three positions that represent how the card applies to your life. The three positions are past, present, and future. The individual positions are important in your reading, as they can demonstrate a recovery over time or reveal potential troubles ahead if the course is not altered.

When the Queen of Cups reversed shows up in your past, it is a sign of early turmoil in your past, often led by a female who had great meaning to you. This is not always as bad as implied, and potential explanations can range from having a fantastic mother who simply did not understand you, to a poor role model you followed too closely. It can also represent an emotionally charged period either in your childhood or more recently that left you feeling powerless. The Queen of Cups reversed in the past position will not excuse or explain current behavior, but it can offer insight on your susceptibility to current issues.

If the Queen of Cups reversed is in the present position, a review of the state of your relationships is warranted. You may feel as if you are falling out of love with your long-term partner, often as an unconscious reaction to an unfounded fear he or she is doing the same. Trouble in paradise causes you to make irrational decisions based purely on emotion, and not the distinct clarity you are used to. The card in this position is a sign you are gullible, so used to having divine and nigh infallible guidance that when being led astray you fail to take notice. You will need prompt action to recover from this course, as it is not one that will self-correct over time. Refuse to allow your worry to consume you and try to consider every problem from both a logical and emotional perspective.

When you encounter the Queen of Cups reversed in the future position, she can herald the approach of someone untrustworthy. He or she may take advantage of your willingness to trust all in a time of weakness. Now is not the time to take risks as many will test the limits of your naivety. The Queen of Cups reversed here may also signal disorganization of your priorities that will eventually lead to calamity. She is a foreboding warning of things going poorly in the near future and a sign to hold loved ones closer and tighter, as you will need them.

Card Combinations

As tempting as it may be to consider one card, especially if it is the worst in your spread, Tarot is only effective when you take your spread as a whole. Each card has meaning and importance, and direct interactions are not at all uncommon. Your cards are interconnected both with your life and each other, and your chances of correcting wayward paths increase when all are considered. Below are some common card combinations and what they could mean for you.

If your Queen of Cups reversed is joined by the Chariot, it is generally a sign of hope and a lifeline from your current issues depending on position. The Sphinxes that accompany the king reveal that you are not alone, and it is not those trusted friends who are causing you trouble, but others. Lean on those who are there to support you but avoid venturing into new relationships until you have once again balanced yourself.

When the Queen of Cups reversed is accompanied by the Three of Swords, it represents the loss of love that may very well be the catalyst for your lack of emotional control. The loss of confidence and serenity in such an important bond has thrown everything into disarray for the Queen. The multiple wounds indicate this is not the first time, and likely won’t be the last you are hurt or have harmed others. At least part of the fallout from the Queen’s loss will be permanent. You must focus on avoiding further wounds, either removing yourself from a volatile situation or humbling yourself and apologizing.

The Queen of Cups reversed that appears alongside the reversed King of Cups is a sign that your struggles are self-made. He doubles-down on the reversed Queen’s warning of untrustworthy individuals lurking about but, even so, the greatest threat is still yourself. The two cards may reveal you have surrendered to the drama instead of continuing the fight to escape. It is also a sign you have turned to your obsessions or addictions in the hope it will blind you from your fall from grace. Run away from offers of “support” that include invitations to drink or abuse drugs and avoid wallowing in self-pity.

There are many cards that, when paired with the Queen of Cups reversed, indicate hope and change in your future. Pay attention to the other cards within your spread as the reversed Queen of Cups urges you to be discerning with your associates.

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