Capricorn Man Virgo Woman Compatibility


Love comes easy for this interesting match of two nonsense-free hard workers, but at what cost? The Virgo woman and Capricorn man share the earth element making them naturally tough, reliable, and very down-to-earth individuals. When you see eye to eye on almost everything, compatibility in life and love go quite smoothly. Personal growth, however, results from change and challenges, and there are few signs that need to experience change more than the Virgo woman. The shy, distant and guarded exterior of the virgin is not meant to last forever, but instead, be broken down by love and a devoted partner. This can undoubtedly be harder to achieve with another sign known for being cold and distant at your side. If you are interested in a Virgo and Capricorn match, you can take heart in the fact that both signs are disciplined and responsible enough to make the changes needed when setting them as a relationship goal.

Basic Compatibility

The Virgo woman is kind, analytical, and very idealistic. While she may be relatively passive in many aspects due to shyness, she can be both assertive and authoritative when it comes to getting things done the way she desires. She loves to work, so much so that she often neglects to take time for herself to relax or for recreation. To the Virgo woman, there is always something to be completed, organized, or improved. She is well-known for her harsh criticisms of herself and others, but it is never done out of maliciousness. Her loyalty and reliability as both a friend and a partner go unmatched as she can’t even remotely fathom betraying someone who found their way into her heart. She is one of a few zodiac signs devoted to seeking the perfect soulmate until it is achieved. The problem in her case is that she approaches dating like a job: a list of sometimes unfair or unrealistic expectations that she won’t budge on.

Capricorn men are the ultimate achievers, mixing strict self-discipline with their zeal for always having personal and professional goals to strive toward. He was born a leader and generally lacks any shyness or traits that would interfere with delivering excellent leadership. Just like a Virgo woman, his approach to life is always serious. While he won’t be the life of any party, he will certainly attend to passively show off his status. Like other earth signs, he values financial security and anything earned via the sweat of your brow. The sea-goat can lean toward being suspicious of others and seemingly aloof, but with time and trust gained he makes a loyal friend. If there is one area where a Capricorn and Virgo differ it is in willingness to forgive. Capricorns are almost always unforgiving, particularly to any breach of trust or betrayal. Virgos are far less harsh, used to forgiving easily as their perfectionist expectations in life are rarely met with ease.

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Love And Relationships

Both Capricorn men and Virgo women are mildly introverted and have very few trusted close friends. For the sea-goat, he appreciates perseverance just as much as he does hard work. So for those who fight hard to gain his love and trust, you will not be disappointed. Virgo women are similar with their love for the pursuit. The virgin desires to be loved and wanted and nothing softens her heart faster than someone determined to be her friend. That said, she is picky and, once again, her firm expectations can drive most people off. For those who finally gain the complete trust of Capricorns or Virgos, they are rewarded with the most supportive and dependable friend on earth. You become one of very few who get to experience the softer and more emotional side of these signs.

In intimate relationships, Capricorn men and Virgo women truly blossom. The somewhat cold and distant personalities they are known for is shown to be a farce or defense mechanism. A loving relationship is warm, passionate and nigh unbreakable. While the virgin, unsurprisingly, tends toward shyness in sexual matters, Capricorn men are the exact opposite. The sea-goat is an extremely sexual sign, enjoying the physical and emotional experience reserved for his partner. He is patient enough to quell her insecurities and draw her into his more adventurous bedroom activities. Love is enduring and true between them both, and neither are superficial in their desires for a partner. There will be few, if any, fights and the two of them can count on a 50/50 working split towards relationship success.

Working Together

It should come as no surprise that Virgo women and Capricorn men make some of the best employees from a production standpoint. As such, they have absolutely zero issues working together in any situation. Interactions with other employees of differing signs are less certain with Virgo’s perfectionist demands and Capricorn’s condescending behavior. They make amazing supervisors due to their organizational skills, reliability, and work ethic. There is no interest in drama or attempts to skirt by doing as little as possible from this pair. While their potentially bossy natures at work won’t win them any friendliness awards, they will always get the job done on time and correctly.

Virgo women with Capricorn men make a wonderful pair that shares many of the same values and traits. Finding friendship, or even love, can be a minor struggle as both adore being sought and desired. There are sacrifices that will be made in this pairing, but none that can’t be overcome with joint determination. This may not be the best option for those who dream of someone softening them up and revealing a new side of the world. Two hard exteriors simply support each other in all things. On the positive side, happiness and bliss are easy to achieve for this drama-free pairing. For those interested in someone more like them than not, give this a shot.

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