Temperance Reversed Tarot Card


The Temperance reversed tarot card generally refers to a lack of balance in some aspect of your life. The other cards in the spread can help provide insight into what area this imbalance is affecting. Restoring this balance is the key to achieving your personal goals and aspirations. Here are some possible interpretations when the reversed Temperance card is seen in a tarot card reading.

A Lack of Balance

You might see the Temperance reversed card when you’re feeling a bit out of balance. Your current circumstances have lead to a great deal of stress, tension, and a loss of purpose. This may be the result a many different things. For example, this may serve a sign that the current path you are following is not the right one. Or, perhaps you are being impatient and making hasty decisions that are leading you further away from where you want to be. In order to restore the balance in your life, embrace any necessary changes and do not look back.

Failure to Learn from the Past

According to George Santayana, a well-respected Spanish philosopher and writer, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The Temperance reversed card may mean that you are not learning from the lessons that life is trying to teach you. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is through these experiences that we grow and improve ourselves. But, due to your lack of self awareness, you never seem to learn what you need to change, causing you to make the same mistakes repeatedly. Stop focusing on instant gratification. Instead, look at the big picture. Stop engaging in excessive behaviors and think about the consequences of your actions. It’s time to let go and find a fresh start.

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Interpersonal Conflict

Another interpretation for the reversed Temperance card is an interpersonal conflict between you and someone else. This problem could be from a romantic relationship, family member, friendship, or workplace relationship. At the present, it feels as though everything you each want is in direct conflict with one another. You both likely feel that you are giving everything to make things work, but the other person isn’t willing to do their share. This unresolved conflict is causing a lot of tension and problems in your relationship. Bottling up these feelings will not get you anywhere. It’s time for you to talk about your problems and figure out the best way to mend things. Sometimes, even an argument can be cathartic and help to start the mending process. Don’t be surprised if this situation affects how you interact with one another going forward. It is common to experience some role reversals afterwards – such as a shift in dominance within the relationship.

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Fast and Furious  

The reversed Temperance card may represent someone who is trying to go too fast and take too many risks. This could be you or someone close to you. There is some factor in their current situation that is bringing out the worst in them. But at this pace, they will never reach what they intend to accomplish. Instead, they will burn out long before they ever get there. This hectic pace makes them angry and irritable. Yet, despite their unhappiness, they are reluctant to change. They need to slow down. During this break, they may realize the necessity to implement significant changes in how they are approaching things.

Constructive Criticism

If your relationships are currently going well, the Temperance reversed card may be trying to highlight some constructive criticism you have recently received. So often, we tend to ignore this advice – hearing about your shortcomings is never easy. But this advice may be just what you need right now to find the balance in your life and achieve your goals.

Time for Teamwork  

At work, the reversed Temperance card means that you should focus on being a good team player. Being able to work well with others is very important, even if you usually prefer to be a lone wolf. Now is the time to focus on collaborating with your coworkers – your individual accomplishments will be rewarded in the future.

Financial Advancement

Your budget is balanced and overall, things are going pretty well for you financially. The appearance of the Temperance card reversed means that now may be a good time to increase the amount of income you are bringing in. You might consider asking for a well deserved raise to reward all of your hard work.

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Find Yourself

The Temperance reversed card may indicate that you’ve been taking everything to the extremes and have lost yourself in the process. Increasing frustrations have led you off track from where you need to go. You have lost sight of yourself and your unique talents and traits. Step back from the noise – it’s easier to find yourself in stillness. Listen to your inner voice. It is always there to help you discover the reality of who you really are. During this process, try to find a balance between rational thoughts and feelings. By listening to your inner self, you can discover the right course for your own life, rather than what others might think is best for you. Let your old fears and habits disappear so you can show your true inner self to the world.

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