Leo Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The Leo man and Aquarius woman have a great deal of fun and adventure in store if they cross paths and decide to make life’s journey together. While the pair can be opposed in many ways, they see eye to eye in the places where it counts. Aquarius only thrives in relationships where she has the freedom to be the person she is, and the Leo man will never interfere in her desires. Leo men are upbeat individuals who live their lives seeking the adoration and respect of their friends and loved ones. Aquarius women have no desire to steal the spotlight, though it may be hard for him to pry the compliments he so loves from her. The lion and the water-bearer are true karmic partners, making them very compatible and their relationship more likely to be an ideal fit as well as satisfying. This pairing can be expected to be jovial, energetic, and never lacking any passion as the Leo man has enough for both himself and his Aquarius partner.

Basic Compatibility

The strengths of a match between Leo men and Aquarius women truly lie in the abundance of pursuits they will enjoy doing side by side. Humanitarian causes and actions are one of the primary ones, as Aquarius women are compassionate humanitarians from head to toe. While Leo men are not quite to that devotional extent, they are extremely generous and love to help people in need whenever possible. The lion is a leader, and he will claim that spot in an instant as the water-bearer prefers not to define or restrict herself to a position. Leo men should take note that she will not follow his lead blindly and that she is a free spirit through and through. Aquarius women loathe boredom and repetition, and thankfully the Leo man won’t allow that to occur as he enjoys the exciting life just as much as she does.

One of the downsides of this relationship is that the Leo man can struggle to get what he needs from an Aquarius woman. He has an ego and level of confidence that must constantly be refreshed, and the Aquarius woman simply has no desire to do so when it’s undeserved. Another issue is how fast the relationship will move along. The water-bearer takes things slowly and can dodge commitment for quite some time. The lion is the opposite, deeply affectionate and his fiery passion will attempt to drive them full speed toward a committed relationship. As a final note, the shared stubbornness when it comes to things both the Aquarius woman and Leo man truly care about can be problematic as neither wants to give in to the demands of the other. It will likely be Leo in the end who caves, but it will not take long for this to breed some resentment in the loyal lion.

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Love And Relationships

Both Leo men and Aquarius women are happily extroverted. The Aquarius woman gains friends with ease and will never find herself alone unless she wants to be. Her inner circle of most trusted friends is small, however, and will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future. While she generally accepts everyone, the water-bearer will attempt to avoid signs that are emotionally heavy in their approach. It is hard for her to effectively relate when she is more of an intellectual sign as opposed to an emotionally driven one. Leo men also find friends and admirers with ease. He puts no expectations or requirements on his friends and his happy-go-lucky personality sways even negative people to join in on the fun. The lion can be rather self-centered or annoying with his constant desires for attention, but he still manages to win over the crowd due to his kindness and extremely friendly nature.

An intimate relationship between this pair brings with it its own set of challenges and rewards. The plus side is the lion and water-bearer both value loyalty and integrity very highly, and so you are unlikely to find any broken promises. Even if a marriage does not come swiftly, just knowing that his lover is devoted to him is enough for the Leo man to be happy and comfortable. Problems can arise with the possessive nature of the lion in some situations. His potential for jealousy can fuel a need to be in control, something that an Aquarius woman will not tolerate. Her refusal to agree to such restrictions can continue to escalate the situation until the Leo man begins to lose trust. As such it is very important to nip these problems in the bud early. Finally, sexual compatibility can be a slight struggle as the lion is prone to deeply romantic, spontaneous, and lusty intimate encounters. While the Aquarius woman can certainly get to that point, she is far less physical and romantic individual, instead enjoying sex for the fun and creativity of it.

Working Together

The Leo man is ever hungry for respect and adoration, thus using his skills in leadership fully is typically the way he seeks it out in the workplace. He is a kind leader who can work well both in groups and alone. Aquarius women prefer to take up solo tasks, functioning best when alone and not forced to mind overly oppressive deadlines and quotas. The pair can work together without any major upsets, as long as the water-bearer is not driven to levy criticism onto the Leo man. The perceived insult, particularly if public, can create a rift that will never go away. Both Leos and Aquarius-born are known for putting in hard work regardless of the task assigned. While the lion has a chance to get caught up in the drama in the workplace, they are still a functional pair one can depend on to get things done right and on time.

As karmic partners, the Leo man and Aquarius woman were truly meant to be together. They have their differences but few pose the risk of causing serious problems between the pair. Their shared love for fun and an extreme level of extroversion ensures no one is ever left alone and bored. There are issues that will have to be addressed, especially in the realms of commitment and possessive behavior, but it is unlikely that these issues will become a significant problem if both are dedicated to working through them. The future is bright for those who decide to give this match a shot, and it may well result in finding your true soulmate.

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