Strength – Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

by Psychic Advisor: Empress Tarot


Introducing Alfonzo, the central figure of The Strength card from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot by Graham Cameron. Alfonzo stands alone on a platform in front of the painted scenery. A smiling sun shines down on him and he wears a cap in the shape of a crown. His arms are open wide, for he is strong enough to embrace love and life without fear. He realizes that true strength comes from within and has little to do with physical qualities.

Floating next to Alfonzo’s platform, we see a human brain resting upon a stack of books. On the other side is an artist’s palette and a paintbrush. Alfonzo has much to teach our hero, The Fool, about self-confidence, creativity, love of knowledge, and personal growth. Alfonzo bravely wears his heart on his suit for everyone to see.

Strength is numbered either Eight or Eleven, depending on the deck. In the Phantasmagoric Theater, it is Eight. The direction of Strength is South, its element is Fire, and it is ruled by the Sun. The sun sign of this card is Leo and it is closely allied with The Hermit. Strength is a wonderful card to find in any tarot spread. It’s full of positive vibrations, love, hope for the future, and Alfonzo is one of my all-time favorite Tarot guides.

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Graham Cameron says:

“Here is Alfonzo, a character of strength. He has courage and great willpower. He has learned to control his raw animal forces of passion, lust, selfishness, and greed. To one side of Alfonzo, we see a pink brain upon books of knowledge, and to the other side the artist’s palette. Alfonzo has accomplished great intellectual and creative feats. He is open-hearted and generous. Each one of us has different strengths and we are encouraged to work on them. We stand in a new age of information. Strength gives us a sense of purpose.”

The appearance of The Strength card in a reading often predicts the successful conclusion of a major struggle, a significant life problem, difficult situation, or source of temptation. Sheer determination and willpower are the keys to winning when this card appears. True love is signified by this card, including a loving bond between humans and animals. Differences can be overcome through the positive power of love and acceptance.

In the upright position, it signifies willpower, love, creativity, reconciliation, courage, generosity, self-assurance, and vitality. Strength can also mean that a new champion is coming into your life. Someone who is fiercely loyal can help you in many ways.

In the reversed position, it represents repression, self-doubt, giving in to harmful temptations and desires, vanity, fearfulness, and false love.

When Alfonzo appears in a relationship reading, he advises acceptance and reconciliation. This is a time to concentrate on the strong points of your relationship, swallow your pride, and work towards a happier future together.


About the Author:

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