Tarot and Time: How to Predict When an Event will Occur

tarot and time

One of the most common desires for wanting a tarot reading is to know what will happen in the future and specifically when it might happen. A tarot reading can offer you a window into likely events along with some guidance on how and when this may manifest.

There are a few ways you can interpret the time that is trying to come through the tarot cards. You can look to the cards for their symbolism of the seasons, to the numbers as representing days, weeks, and years, and to specific tarot cards that represent the zodiac signs as another clue of when events may occur. 

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In some circumstances, you can pose a question of when an event may occur, and the tarot may answer by presenting you a card that signifies a life lesson that needs to be mastered. 

Below is a guide to the few different methods for deciphering time in tarot.

Tarot and Time Through the Suits

When you pull the four suits of the minor arcana, you can get an insight into timing by looking at what the seasons represent:

Wands – spring

Swords – fall

Cups – summer

Pentacles – winter

Tarot and Time Through Numerology

The minor arcana pip cards are numbered from ace through to ten and this number can also give you some insight into the timing. If you pose a question such as, “when will I hear from my ex?” and you pull the Six of Wands, this could suggest six days as the wands are associated with days. 

The suits can be used along with numerology to give you a more definitive time. Each of the tarot suits symbolizes a different time frame:

Wands – days

Swords – weeks

Cups – months

Pentacles – years

Meditate on the tarot card for a little while and see if you can get any more messages trying to come through. There may be clues in the card as to how this event may look and the circumstances that might bring it about. 

Tarot and Time as Astrology

The major arcana has 12 tarot cards that have astrological association. Pulling these cards in relation to time could indicate that the period in which the event will occur will fall under the astrological sign.

The Emperor – Aries

The Heirophant – Taurus

The Lovers – Gemini

The Chariot – Cancer

Strength – Leo

The Hermit – Virgo

Justice – Libra

Death – Scorpio

Temperance – Sagittarius

The Devil – Capricorn

The Star – Aquarius

The Moon – Pisces 

Using the Tarot Cards as Symbolism of Lessons

Another method you can use to define time in the tarot is to pose a question such as, “when will I meet my soulmate?” and then look at the card as a lesson you need to master to bring this in. For instance, pulling the Eight of Cups could indicate that you will meet them when you let go of disappointments from past relationships and release your expectations.

You can also read reversed tarot cards as blockages that prevent the event from occurring – the querent will need to make some major changes in their life to manifest the event. 

When it comes to deciphering time in tarot, go with your first instincts after you have pulled the card. This will be your most accurate result. Take a moment to meditate on the images in the card for further clues of the event and look to the over tarot spread for further guidance. You may wish to record your insights in a journal to refer back to a later date. 
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