Oracle Card Spreads for Your Divination

three oracle cards

If you’ve ever gotten a tarot reading, you may have seen an oracle card or two. Oracle cards are a divination tool some tarot readers use alongside regular tarot decks.

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What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are divination cards like tarot, but the prints on the decks are specific to an oracle deck. Usually, in oracle decks, there is only one of each card and they don’t belong to suits, similar to the major arcana of regular tarot decks.

Oracle cards are great to use during a tarot reading for extra clarity on a subject or an oracle reading separate from a tarot reading.

How to Use Oracle Cards

While a traditional tarot deck has 78 cards and many spreads involve a decent number of cards to give a tarot reading, when it comes to oracle cards, less is more. The best way to use oracle cards is to ask a question to your oracle deck and pull one card. That one card will answer your question.

Oracle cards work great alongside tarot readings. 

There are three main popular ways to use tarot cards alongside a tarot reading:

  1. Before a reading: Pull one card before to set an intention for the tarot reading. The oracle card will tell you how to focus your energy pre-reading.
  2. During  a reading: Pull one oracle card and place it on top of a tarot card that needs more clarification. The oracle card will make the interpretation of an ambiguous card more clear.
  3. After a reading: Pull an oracle card after a tarot reading to help you figure out how to interpret the spread.

A Daily Oracle Card Draw

Since each oracle deck is different, getting to know your new oracle deck could take some time. A one-card pull every day is a great way to familiarize yourself with the cards and home in on your intuition skills. You can do it at the beginning of the day to set an intention or as your day draws to a close to help you reflect. Record your insights in a journal to refer to a later date and to help strengthen your readings.

Oracle Card Spreads

If you’re looking for something a little more detailed than a one-card pull, you can use your oracle cards like tarot cards, borrowing from traditional tarot spreads to give you a reading.

Three-Card Spreads

Looking for an oracle spread to give you some answers? A three-card pull is one of the most popular for oracle readings and is the ideal spread for when you want a more detailed interpretation of a situation and are only exclusively using oracle cards. You can do a three-card draw for various aspects of your life. A classic three-card spread is past, present, and future. 

If you’re looking for some clarification on your love life, you may wish to pull three oracle cards to give you some guidance:

Card #1 What do I need to know about myself right now?

Card #2 What would the oracle like me to know about the other person?

Card #3 What is the energy of the dynamic between us? 

At a crossroads in life and have to make some very important decisions? You can also use a three-card spread to help gain more insight into your situation:

Card #1: What do I need to know about my current circumstances?

Card #2: What would it be like if I chose option one?

Card #3: What would things look like if I chose option two?

The beauty of oracle cards is that each card is rich in meaning and you don’t need to pull a ton of cards to get a clear, deep message from the universe. There are also many beautiful decks available which will leave you spoilt for choice. Choose from various themes and illustrations to find the oracle deck that resonates with you.

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