Ten of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card


The Ten of Pentacles in the reversed position is often the best example that wealth does not guarantee happiness, nor does it make you immune to calamity. Some may turn their nose up at the sight of the card, having never experienced a moment of financial prosperity in their lives. However, wealth can come in many forms, and all should be appreciated equally. You may have had an abundance of spiritual faith and energy that powered you through life’s obstacles but has now faded from your heart. What is considered valuable to each person varies, but losing it can certainly result in feeling directionless or even defeated. Whether your richness was material or through having a wealth of loving family and friends, something has indeed upset the balance and changed everything if the reversed Ten of Pentacles has appeared. Even if all is well for the moment, take it as a warning that your risky behavior or any greedy intentions are likely to backfire as punishment for your hubris. Discover the most common Ten of Pentacles interpretations by continuing along below.

The Waning Of Wealth

By far the most commonly seen interpretation is that of a loss of material wealth, whether gradual or sudden, mild or severe. Your finances may once have been in such abundance that you enjoyed a great many of luxuries that are now no longer possible. For the average person, it can be a good deal harsher, such as the provider of the family losing a much-needed job and bringing great stress and worry about the future to the forefront. Whereas the upright Ten of Pentacles is a sign of plenty, reversed it is a sign of loss. How you handle the loss will determine everything. Will you take it on the chin and humbly struggle through your misfortune in search of better days or will you wallow and seek to bring down all those around you?

The presence of financial problems often either creates or exacerbates existing issues. Whether your fate in this matter is karmic in nature or the result of simply bad luck, you should do your best to avoid assigning blame when the problem truly lies with you. A sudden loss of a job can put an unbelievable strain on a previously happy relationship and drive a wedge further into a struggling one. Try to be mindful of the source of all the stress and strive to be the exception to the rule that misfortune brings out the worst in people. There is no magic solution to a loss of wealth, but set your heart on the things worth more than money: Your good health, loved ones, a roof over your head and even life itself as there are many who lack the same.

Instability And Loss

The Ten of Pentacles reversed does not always reference simply the loss of money. It can also be a sign of the unstable nature of your life. You may be facing a period where nothing is happening as you expect and it seems everything that can go wrong has. Perhaps introducing the love of your life to your family has had negative results and you find yourself willing to give anything to gain their acceptance. For some individuals, this card is a firm warning that you have jeopardized your family as you chase your addictions, scaring them with an unknown and insecure future. In order for any of these problems to get better, you must work from the ground up. Addictions and many other negative behaviors are frequently symptoms or coping methods to some other problem that you or a loved one has refused to address. So repairing the weak spots of your proverbial house is pointless when it is the foundation itself that is problematic.

Your loss may come from the passing of a family member, where your grief can give way to confusion and even anger if you find yourself excluded from a will. Disinheritance hits hard, and at the worst time for those who were unaware of the issue in advance. Those seeking a divorce and embroiled in money squabbles may also find the Ten of Pentacles reversed show up in a spread. You must work hard to find the brightness in these frustrating situations and this is done by centering your mind on the things you have and not those that you do not. These issues are beyond your control, and you cannot force others to care, to be fair, or even to listen. Therefore it is not worth dwelling over and you should do you best to conduct yourself respectfully.

Is It Love Or Less?

If what is most pressing in your life right now is a relationship, prepare to do some deep introspection at the arrival of the Ten of Pentacles reversed. The Ten of Pentacles reversed stands as a warning that what you have may be as fleeting as gold in fool’s hand. A building lust can easily feel like love, and an intimate moment can masquerade as true affection. The appearance of the Ten of Pentacles reversed will not definitively prove your current relationship is a waste of time, but it is a reminder to make sure you are fully prepared. You do not want to rush into something as serious as love and devotion. You should strive to approach it with the wisdom of the elderly man on the card. Bear in mind that not all relationships are destined for marriage, and you need to be honest with yourself, and your partner if you are only looking for a short-term fling. You may have but one life to live, but there is no need to spend it hurting yourself or others through foolishness.

The reversed Ten of Pentacles is a remarkable card that signifies so much to so many. Its direct ties nearly always involve the loss of wealth, whether squandered or due to misfortune. In other cases, it shines a light on instability and the perils of your current relationships. If you find the reversed Ten of Pentacles in your spread, you can be assured that now is the time to take a hard look at your own behavior, motives, or coping skills as the stress from loss begins to build. This card is a statement maker as opposed to a card that offers hints of guidance, leaving many confused on how to address the revelations about their situations or behaviors. For definitive answers and helpful guidance along with a tarot reading that is uniquely in tune with you, consider an online tarot card reading today.

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