Ten of Cups Reversed Tarot Card


As common with many reversed cards, the Ten of Cups reversed can cast a dark shadow on the unity and blessed good tidings that its upright version represents. The Suit of Cups has always been the emotional suit in tarot, at times delving deeply into interpersonal and intimate connections and the feelings they bring. As the Suit of Cups is aligned with the emotionally sensitive watery signs of the zodiac, it is clear that both the lows and the highs can feel amplified and everlasting in the moment. However, just like a river, life and all that is in it continues to flow with time. Those who are filled with worry about the appearance of the Ten of Cups reversed in their spread should keep in mind that such struggles will not plague you forever. This card may shine a light on the loss of closeness and support that is almost integral to who you are as a person. Take it in stride, and use this unfortunate circumstance to grow stronger and more capable. There will be times in your life when you can only rely on yourself, and the disharmony revealed by the reversed Ten of Cups may well be preparing you for this. Continue reading below to discover common interpretations and helpful guidance on this fateful card.

A Fork In The River

The reversed Ten of Cups does not always represent the doom and gloom many are afraid of. Instead, it can simply refer to you deciding to take the path less traveled. There are many issues this can include such as choice of a partner, leaving or changing religions, or even striking out on your own in a new area far from home. In the flowing river of life, parents or others who have high levels of influence on you may attempt to convince you that your unique choices are foolish, a dam on the river so to speak. Oftentimes it may simply be that you have chosen a rarely used fork, and the break from traditional, familial, or cultural expectations can cause some discord within your circle. It is not unusual for the reaction of those close to you to give you pause, and it is a shining example of your deep connection to your loved ones. However in these instances, you must follow your heart, whether it is delaying starting a family for your dream career or deciding family life is not for you entirely. The reversed Ten of Cups in this situation is a sign that you have turned all expectations on their heads, and you are marching to the beat of your own drum even if no one will dare to march with you.

Friends And Family Frustrations

Unlike the picturesque implications of the upright Ten of Cups, the reversed card can be indicative of a lack of that family bond or warmth between loved ones. The problematic issues at hand may have been simmering below the surface for a long period of time or may have suddenly cropped up resulting in intense discord. Regardless of their specific beginnings, it is clear that the situation now is far from perfect. Rough patches are common and expected in every relationship, and most can be overcome with clear communication, fairness, and understanding from both sides. It may be that you have forgotten to work together, or no longer feel that you are on the same side wishing for the same things due to an upsurge of conflict. It is very difficult to progress in moments when you feel unconnected and wildly different. Finding that shared goal again can often help you move past the issue. When you both can agree on the desired outcome, it is easier to work together and compromise on how to get there as you are no longer feeling competitive. Cooperation is natural for us all, but sometimes we all need a reason to reach out and hold hands.

Broken Dreams And Battered Trust

Not all problems that occur are simply a matter of perseverance and willingness to work together. Some are far more serious and others are pure misfortune. The death of a child, spouse or parent, abuse from a loved one, or watching your family decay due to struggles with addiction are all potential reasons for the appearance of the Ten of Cups reversed for you. All that you hoped for, dreamed of, or in some cases even had, may feel like it faded away before your eyes or slipped through your fingers. You may feel completely alone and be driven to isolate yourself in response, validating your feelings. This is the wrong choice in your most vulnerable of times. Seek out those you can trust and draw from their strength until your own returns. It can be difficult to separate yourself from those you depend on most when they are also the ones who hurt you and add a toxic influence to your life. Devote serious thought to your priorities and make sure your health and safety, as well as that of your loved ones, are among them. Have faith that you will overcome your current struggles and become that much stronger because of it.

The Ten of Cups reversed can be taken as a sign that not all is going as planned or expected either by yourself or those around you. In some cases, this is little more than a confirmation of the anxieties you already feel from stepping off of the beaten path. For others, it is a lighthouse warning of discord and a distinct lack of harmony in the relationships that are important to you.

Emotional involvement is high and that can overpower your ability to make logical and reasonable decisions, but you should not beat yourself up over your mistakes. For those who feel alienated and alone, keep seeking as you may find support in the most unexpected places. As with all tough struggles, treat it as an obstacle along the path and not a destination. For a deeper, more personal look at what the cards say about your specific situation, consider a live online tarot card reading by one of our experienced advisors.

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