Three of Cups Reversed Tarot Card


The Three of Cups in its reversed position counters the optimism, excitement, and social revelry so commonly alluded to by the card in its upright position. In its truest meaning, it is one of either overindulgence or harmony and companionship feeling just out of reach. It feels as if a conflict is often inviting itself into your friendships or intimate relationship, leaving you gasping for air in the stressful smog. The Three of Cups reversed is certainly not a card to ignore, as it spells out some very real problems and cannot be manipulated into a positive. While it lacks the definitive doom and gloom of other tarot cards, failure to address its revealed issues will simply result in your digging yourself deeper into your problems. For example, you are in no real danger by continuing to isolate yourself and neglect your friendships, but you only make it harder on yourself the longer it takes you to rebound. To help you determine what the Three of Cups could potentially mean in your reading, we share more insight on some commonly seen interpretations below.

Growing Social Struggles

As mentioned previously, the Three of Cups can signify either an overindulgence or a lack of something necessary for yourself. This can be due to isolation or a failing social life resulting in low levels of fulfillment. You may be well aware that you need the support of friends to draw you out of your rut but feel as if you cannot push yourself to seek them out. You find yourself avoiding your friends and being short with them even when they are simply inquiring about you out of genuine care and concern. On the flip side of this situation, you may have allowed your socializing and celebrating to consume your life. You regularly neglect your responsibilities and have slipped into the harmful “you only live once” state of mind to excuse your behavior. Getting back to balance is the answer to both of these issues. There is a time for celebration and socializing just as there is a time to relax alone and recover. Devoting yourself to either extreme is nothing but a detriment to yourself. You may need to spend time enforcing set periods for each until normalcy is a habit.

The Death Of Dreams

The upright Three of Cups heavily references celebration and joyous activity, but its reversed meaning speaks of stopping it in its tracks. When things have gone wrong and you are abruptly pulled from dreamy happiness, it is easy to spiral into despair. A death of a loved one, a sudden end to what you believed was a strong, happy marriage or even losing the promotion you had your heart set on, can all bring on a feeling of emptiness and defeat. At this moment the world was quite literally turned on its head for you, and the sight of the reversed card offers a bitter reminder. It is important to remember that for every end there is a new beginning available to those who will search for it. While you can’t rewind time and make things better again, you can show your strength and resilience in your ability to hold it together and move on. Learn to look past the current struggle and view the wall you now face as simply an arrow sign directing you to take another path.

Bitter Betrayal And Conflict

One common reversed Three of Cups interpretation relates to betrayal and conflict within intimate relationships or friendships. You may have become the butt of the jokes, or feel unwelcome in your social circle as whispers and gossiping eats at your patience. Those you previously called friends now talk behind your back, leaving you awash with feelings of being unwanted. They may have violated your trust by sharing sensitive secrets or otherwise replaced you with someone new. If your intimate relationship is the source of the issues, a cheating spouse is not uncommon. Even if the deed has not been physically done, the emotional impact of adoration and affection being offered to another is a step too far for the heart to tolerate.

The reversed Three of Cups appearing amidst a struggling relationship may be a sign that it will not work out in your favor. You may be convinced that more concessions on your end will end the toxic jealousy and protectiveness that borders on abuse, but the card is here to show you the folly of your thoughts. The meaning can, of course, vary depending on your unique situation, but staying on your current course is rarely the correct action to take. Now is the time to realize you cannot change others, you can only change yourself. Attempting to win back the interest of fickle, divisive friends or a disloyal partner is a fool’s errand. You must live your life and strive to remain positive and balanced. The greatest revenge is letting those who have wronged you see that you are unbroken.

The reversed Three of Cups can reveal so much about your current struggles and hopefully be the catalyst to you getting the help you need. Many of the issues it shines a light can be sudden and unpreventable, so do not get caught up in self-defeating blame. A wall does not need to mean an end unless you allow it to. Picking yourself up and finding that joy, that reason for celebration in your life again should be your end goal. For those who have become bogged down with overindulgence, turn your wine-filled cups upside down and return to your responsibilities. Your life begs for balance and your loved ones benefit from your sober or direct focus.

With a wide variety of possible interpretations for the appearance of the Three of Cups reversed, consider consulting with an experienced psychic advisor to see how your spread truly applies to your life.

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