What is Cartomancy?

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Blackjack, Go Fish, Poker, Solitaire–there is an abundance of card games to help keep you entertained, but are you familiar with cartomancy? The word translates to “fortune-telling” and it’s been around since the 14th century. It was spread all over Europe by gypsies yet it also has roots in the Middle East.

In a cartomancy card reading, a psychic uses a specific deck of cards to answer your questions and/or to transmit insights about your past, present, or future. In terms of what you should ask, anything goes, but cartomancy can be particularly helpful when it comes to matters of the heart. You could say cartomancy is like fortune-telling and playing cards at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in a cartomancy card reading in the event that you’d like to book a session with a psychic to receive one yourself. 

The Cartomancy Deck of Cards

Unlike tarot that has a specific deck (more on that later), a cartomancy reading only requires a good old-fashioned 52-card deck—the exact same one that’s been used to play popular card games like bridge since the 14th century. Each number, suit, and face card possesses a specific meaning (however, the Joker card is not always used.) For example, the Ace of Hearts represents a new beginning, such as a new relationship, marriage, or some good news for yourself or someone close and the 7 of Spades indicates the loss of a friend or another significant person in your life due to a disagreement or problem.

How a Cartomancy Card Reading Works

A reader will look at your spread and provide you with insight into your question or current situation. In terms of the spread, a psychic can use single cards for quick answers; three cards for past, present, and future; nine cards for past, present, and future layers; and 21 cards for a more in-depth and comprehensive reading—aka the Gypsy Spider Web. It’s important to note that like other psychic readings, you need not be face-to-face with an advisor to receive a cartomancy card reading. 

Cartomancy Card Reading VS. Tarot Card Reading

The main difference between cartomancy readings and tarot readings is that the meaning of cartomancy cards is more clear cut whereas tarot cards like “the Devil” or “the High Priestess” can have hidden meanings—in other words, they are not always literal. The good thing about cartomancy readings is that they are great for actually answering questions versus showcasing potential outcomes. One isn’t better than the other, it’s just a matter of what style you like to receive your answers and information. 

In Conclusion

Like Tarot readings, cartomancy readings are only successful if they are conducted by an experienced reader who knows how to see patterns within the spread and relate them to the recipient’s situation and/or life. Curious about cartomancy? Book a reading with one of our advisors today.

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