Your Monthly New Moon Tarot Spread

new moon tarot spread

The new moon is a period of new beginnings—and a perfect time to set new intentions. At Keen, one of our favorite intention setting tools are tarot cards.

This article will walk you through our favorite new moon tarot spread for setting intentions, so keep reading.

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New Moon Tarot Spread

New moons are great for manifesting good and leaving behind the bad. They’re both a release and rebirth phase of the moon cycle.

Before you do a reading, meditate to clear your heart and mind. Take a deep breath and visualize a clear night sky.

As you shuffle your tarot cards, visualize what you would like to see happen for the month. Get clear on your intention.

The following is a simple four-card spread to guide your intention into action. 

  • What do I need to let go of?
  • What do I need to focus on growing this month?
  • What action can I take toward this?
  • What challenges do I need to be aware of?

Card #1: This card will represent anything that may be weighing you down that you need to let go of. Look at the card and meditate on it. The card may be pointing to a person, a place, or even an emotion that you need to release to move forward for the month.

Card #2: The second card you pull will be your focus for the month—the seed you are planting that will flourish throughout the following weeks. Take note of what feelings are evoked by the card. Even if you pull the three of swords, you can interpret that your month will be spent healing your heart and focusing on self-love. If you pull the page of pentacles, you may be focusing your energy on finding a new job or growing a project.

Card #3: This card is important as it will give you some clarity on what action to take to manifest your monthly intention. If your third card following the three of swords is the chariot, you may be taking a trip somewhere, even driving to a new destination. If the seven of pentacles comes out, you may be being asked to focus on your work or spending a lot of time chipping away at the lesson you need to learn from your past heartbreak.

Card #4: The fourth and final card embodies any potential challenges you may face throughout the month. This card may draw your attention to a person or situation that could cause frustrations or delays. You may see this person represented as a court card. The five of wands might indicate conflict or an argument. Alternatively, pulling the Lovers might indicate an important choice in love or a love triangle.

Take your time with your tarot cards. As you pull, you may want to record yourself speaking out loud about any messages you are receiving or write down your interpretations. Take a moment to meditate on the overall message coming through and see if you can turn that phrase into one succinct mantra that you can recite daily to help manifest your intentions with the moon. You may want to write this phrase down and place it on your bathroom mirror or on your altar. As the moon grows, so too will your intention.

New Moon Rituals

Looking for other new moon rituals? Try one fo the following:

  • Write a list of things you want to see manifest throughout the following month
  • For singles, write a list for the qualities your ideal partner possesses and place it somewhere out of sight
  • Meditate on your goals for the month and visualize what you would like to see manifest
  • Take a cleansing candlelit bath with lavender
  • Take a yoga class
  • Make a crystal grid and place it direct moonlight
  • Smudge your entire apartment
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