Everything You Need to Know About Scorpio Season: Zodiac Sign and Astrology

Constellation of Scorpio zodiac sign surrounded by tree branches in dark blue sky.

As the wheel of life turns, we journey through each of the twelve zodiac signs. While we start at the Spring Equinox with the birth of Aries season, we then venture forth through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and then Libra. Through the first six seasons of the zodiac year, we are particularly interested in our own individual growth and how we are pursuing our plans, initiatives, and desires. Yet, once Libra season arrives, and we turn toward the second six zodiac signs, we become far more interested in our connections, relationships, and impact on the world. Scorpio season is certainly one of the most intense periods of the year, forcing us to dig deep into our shadow selves. Join us at as we investigate the true meaning of Scorpio season and how you can get the most out of it. Be sure to hire one of our gifted psychics, astrologers, or intuitive practitioners to better learn how you can harness this cosmic energy!


When is Scorpio Season?

When referring a zodiac sign’s season, it always explicitly refers to when the sun moves through this zodiac sign according to Western astrology. In Western astrology, all zodiac signs are attributed to the four axes of the seasons. The Spring Equinox begins spring and launches in with Aries. The Summer Solstice initiates summer and begins with Cancer. The Autumn Equinox moves us into spring and starts with Libra. Because of this, Scorpio season always takes place during autumn and when the sun moves here—from October 23 until November 22. Some years, the sun may move in slightly early or stay slightly later, but this would only be a very minimal shift in time.


What is Scorpio?

Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign out of twelve in Western astrology. It is preceded by Libra and is followed by Sagittarius. Scorpio rules the natural eighth house in astrology, which means that it is on the same polarity and opposite of Taurus. Because of this, they rule similar themes in astrology. Scorpio rules the hidden and “shadow world,” which exists deep within each of us. This can be linked to intimacy, deep relations, trust, vulnerability, sexuality, and even trauma. Scorpio also can be connected to the esoteric, whether that be the arts of the occult, hidden knowledge, or ancient wisdom. On another level, Scorpio rules shared resources that we align beside another, whether that be in business or love, such as stocks, inheritances, debts, credit lines, investments, or a partner’s financial assets. Scorpio can also be aligned with death and rebirth.


What planets rule Scorpio?

Scorpio is ruled by two planets in Western astrology. Its traditional ruler was Mars, the planet of energy, fuel, sex, drive, war, anger, combat, and competition. In modern-day astrology, Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, the planet of rebirth, domination, control, the shadow world, and intensity. Because of this, Pluto is known as the higher octave of Mars. With these planetary energies combined, Scorpios exhibit the traits and characteristics of both of them, which is what makes them the most intense zodiac sign in astrology. This is what makes them so passionate, powerful, dynamic, and dramatic—but also so brooding, vengeful, and cruel when they are scorned. This also relates to why Scorpios see the world as black and white and love versus hate.


What does the symbol of Scorpio mean?

The most famous astrological symbol that represents Scorpio is obviously the scorpion. However, upon deeper research, it has been illuminated that Scorpio actually possesses three symbols. At their most basic and instinctual level, Scorpios embody the scorpion—a creature of desire, impulse, aggression, and animalistic destruction. Once a Scorpio has grown, they become the phoenix, often repeating a cycle of life, death, and rebirth, as they tend to go through many times in their lives. Through these cycles of rebirth, they are likely to learn more about themselves, other people, and the world. Finally, once a Scorpio has truly ascended and understood that there is more to life than destruction, impulse, and intensity, they embody the eagle—the creature that soars the open skies and cannot be brought down.


What element is Scorpio?

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign. This means that they are in the Fixed modality—just like Taurus, their opposite, and Leo and Aquarius, zodiac signs that are square to Scorpio. This means that they truly embody their season to its core. As a Water sign, Scorpios have very deep emotions, perception, and intuition. They live in their feelings and inner worlds. However, due to Scorpio’s planetary rulers of Mars and Pluto, who are fire energies, this grants Scorpio a more boiling frequency—like hot, scalding water.


What are Scorpio people like?

Scorpio people, at their best, are passionate, loyal, devoted, and ambitious. They are tremendously protective of who and what they love and will fight the entire world to defend that which is sacred to them. They can be gifted healers and mystics, as well as incredibly insightful individuals on a psychological level. They tend to be most compatible with Water signs—Cancer and Pisces—as well as Earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

However, on a negative side, Scorpios can be “all or nothing” people. They can be the most wicked, vengeful, deceitful, and cunning zodiac sign of all. They tend to be highly manipulative, cruel, and strategic when crossed. If they are embracing their darkest side, they can be horrific enemies who will stop at nothing until they destroy others and themselves. Because of this, Scorpios can crave pain, destruction, and drama if they have not found an enlightened perception of reality and can have great difficulty sustaining any healthy relationship whatsoever.


What happens during Scorpio season?

During Scorpio season, we become consumed by the energies of this zodiac sign. Because the sun is our greatest luminary and is tied to our life force, focus, and collective vibration, we dive into the depths of our emotions, souls, desires, impulses, and feelings—for positive or negative—during Scorpio season. On a positive note, this can be a time of great transformation and rebirth, as we shed layers that are merely haunting us and holding us down. However, it can also unleash the more challenging aspects associated with this zodiac sign, triggering power struggles, jealousy, conflicts, and darker activity. The key to truly channeling this energy in a positive way is to face your shadow self authentically and then transmute that vibration so that you are not chained to the more base impulses and instead moving toward your greatest self.

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