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When you go to place or change your bid, you'll be able to see the rank of competitive listings along with the minimum amount that you'll need to bid in order to achieve a particular rank (e.g. position 3) at that moment. If you have an active bid, you'll also see the position in which your listing is currently displayed within its category and sub-categories

The "bid to be here" column shows the minimum amount that you'll need to bid for each position at that time.
To determine how much to set for your max bid, review the Featured Listings for your listing category to see what you'll need to spend in order to feature your listing in the position that you want to achieve e.g. position 1 or position 25.
Remember, availability and the effective bids of your competitors are always changing, so choose a Max Bid that seems right for you: an amount that you think will maximize your return on investment. Keep in mind, you can always bid more than the maximum amount in "Your bid to be here" column too.

Also, no matter what you bid, you'll only be charged one penny more than is required to rank you higher than the listing below you.
You can also select a total budget for featuring your listing. You can also cancel your bid at any time from this page.
Once you click "Continue", you'll see your Featured Listing's updated position in its category on the Confirm Bid page. Now you can either confirm your bid information or click "Change" to revise or cancel your bid.

Please note:
  • The minimum bid is $0.01
  • When using the Budget Feature, the budget must be at least 3 times the amount of your Maximum Bid.
  • It may take up to 30 seconds for your position to update after confirming your bid as the database refreshes.
  • Your listing must be available to take calls in order to appear in the Featured Listing sort.