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Go to My Account and click one of the following links:
  • "Bid" or "Edit" link next to you listing (Bid indicates you don't have an active Bid)
  • "Feature My Listings" in the Marketing Center
By clicking the "Feature My Listings" link, you'll be able to view historical performance for any of your listings you've previously featured as you can see below.

Choose the listing for which you want to place or edit a bid by clicking the circle next to it on the left.

Click "Continue"

Please note:
  • You can feature as many listings as you want and bid different amounts, but you must create unique bids for each.
  • You can only feature a listing in the category in which it belongs
  • If you bid more than one listing in a category, only the top listing in the sort will be displayed. This is done to optimize the customer experience and reduce your potential click charges.
  • Quality matters - only accepted listings that are new or have a star average of 3.5 or higher and have a photo can be featured.