Spirituality FAQs

Many people consider a psychic advisor a source to provide insight on topics such as love and relationships, career, and grief, but the truth of the matter is, these intuitive gurus can also help guide you on the right spiritual path, too. We’re not talking about religion here, rather, the quality and connection of the human spirit that has nothing to do with material possessions or physical objects. Since life can feel unbalanced and heavy at times, it’s not uncommon to put your spiritual needs on the back burner which can lead to unhealthy habits. Read on to learn more about the importance of spirituality in your life.

  1. Whether you’re having full-blown nightmares or bizarre yet realistic visions that make you think, what you dream at night is tied to your subconscious mind. Not everything you envision is literal, but it is symbolic of something happening in your current life that is consuming your thoughts. A psychic specializing in dream interpretation can help you decipher the literal meaning of these visions so that you can work on an action plan for conquering any roadblocks, fears, or setbacks. Keep a journal so that you don’t forget any details before speaking with a psychic dream interpreter.

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  2. Known as the practice of palmistry, palm readings provide insight into one’s life in a past, present, and potential future sense. A reading is conducted by interpreting the lines on a person’s palm, to include those that intersect with one another. 

    A reader will typically examine the non-dominant hand for insight into familial attributes, innate gifts and challenges, and the dominant hand for a look into one’s past, future, and choices that will need to be made. However, some palm readers just stick to the left hand for the former and the right hand for the latter regardless of dominance. There are four major lines used in a reading, to include: 

    – Heart Line: Emotional life, love and relationships
    – Head Line: Intellectual life and communication
    – Life Line: Physical health (major and minor) and vitality
    – Fate Line: Obstacles, roadblocks, and successes

    Of course, these lines are just the tip of the iceberg. There are also minor lines such as the Intuition Line, Marriage (love/relationship) line, Apollo Line, Bracelet Lines, and the Girdle of Venus, among several others. The important thing to remember is that all of these lines pertain to a specific aspect of your life, but not all may be present on your palms. 

    Based on size, location, direction, and the appearance of any distinct markings or patterns, palm readers can provide insight into different areas of your life. And as with all psychic readings, it’s best if you come prepared with specific, open-ended questions—just make sure you’re not requesting concrete predictions about what the future holds as only you’re in control of your own destiny. Get the answers to your questions with an online palm reading today. 

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