Aries Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility


Aries and Sagittarius are two of the three fire signs in the zodiac, and it’s a hot time when these two get together. They’re highly compatible and there’s much to celebrate for this partnership – although there are some potential bumps, they can be anticipated by keeping the lines of communication open. A comfortable, creative relationship such as this deserves attention, and an Aries man and Sagittarius woman can dash off into the sunset with enthusiasm.

Characteristics of the Sagittarius Woman

In her heart, Sagittarius is a self-reliant sign who knows that following the beat of her own internal drummer is what’s going to make her happiest. Often associated with travel, sports, comedy, study, philosophy, legal issues, archiving, broadcasting, and publishing, she’s all about getting the information out there, though she’s well able to keep information confidential when she knows it’s not supposed to make the rounds. Her eternal-student mind loves to gather all sorts of knowledge, and when she sets her mind on something, the energy she puts behind it is amazing.

However, her energy can be a little inconsistent. Sometimes that neato project loses its appeal rather quickly, and Sag is then off on another quest. And believe it or not, she needs this freedom – the idea of being tied down in a boring situation just isn’t worth it to her unless there’s a massive psychological payoff. Anybody trying to have a relationship with a Sagittarius woman needs to keep things moving and keep them interesting.

Characteristics of the Aries Man

Aries is often called athletic, passionate, expressive, and straightforward. Full of energy and in love with challenges, Aries is a strong leader type who charges off toward goals, determined to accomplish them. This is not a follower at all, unless whoever’s leading has goals that match those of Aries. An Aries man is a loyal and honest partner who wants to have a healthy relationship.

Still, Aries can be impulsive, enough to rival Sagittarius’ short attention span. That straightforward nature can often turn into blundering bluntness, and Aries’ interest has to be piqued constantly. Boredom is not for Aries. That passionate expression can quickly change from energetic debate to flat-out argument, and that leadership style can rapidly turn into a holier-than-thou attitude.

The Good and the Bad

So you can see that Aries and Sag have a lot of similar qualities, both good and questionable. Both are fire signs and can have similar energy levels and needs for creativity. Both understand the desire that can well up when one partner gets a new idea, and both understand each other’s need for freedom. Both also understand the tendency to blurt out something tactless not because one was trying to hurt the other, but because sometimes that socially acceptable mental filter fails to work. This is a really forgiving relationship in that respect.

A few speed bumps exist, though. Both signs can be bossy and think only their way is right, and if that quality shows up in both partners simultaneously over one specific issue, you could see sparks fly.

Aries and Sag, please don’t take each other for granted. Yes, that warning could apply to any partnership, but you two are compatible enough that one of you could actually forget the other has his or her own life and interests. Don’t assume that your partner will agree with everything you say.

Aries, you’re first in the zodiac, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll steamroll over others, you can sometimes overemphasize that “I know best” attitude. If you want a successful relationship with Sagittarius, treat it as a partnership that is as equal as possible. Be careful with your intense discussion style because easy-going Sag might not be too thrilled if every discussion turns into a devil’s-advocate debate.

Sag, you have a tendency to see the funny side of life, which helps your outlook tremendously, but it can lead to some awkward moments when you treat something more lightly than Aries does. Watch out for that jokey motor-mouth tendency with Aries. While he has a good sense of humor, he’s got an inner sensitive side (for real) that your jokes could easily wound.

Your firey natures can make both of you hotheads.You might want to have a conversation about how you both handle fights and disagreements because you need to know if one person’s reaction is how they control themselves or if it’s a danger sign. For example, if one person needs to walk away for a moment to avoid bursting out and shouting, the other partner needs to know that walking away isn’t a sign of avoidance.

The Not Necessarily Ugly but Potentially Troublesome

Sag and Aries, you both share the eager and energetic creativity of fire, which can make you think you’re really in tune with each other. However, other chart factors affect how you express yourselves, and deviations from the energy and creativity archetype may throw things off if you’re not careful. You have to allow the other person to have a personality of his or her own, and not the personality that you’ve assigned to them in your head.

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Partners in Business, Friendship, and Love

Business partnerships may be difficult for an Aries man and Sagittarius woman unless there are other people helping out. Aries is a cardinal sign, starting projects, getting the word out, and devising solutions. Sagittarius is mutable, the editor of the pack who adds finesse and finds logical flaws. That means there’s no fixed sign in the middle, overseeing the boring day-to-day stuff that keeps each project going. Both of you need to attack the nitty gritty of any plan (or hire someone to help, preferably a fixed sign), otherwise you will end up staring at a major gap between the start and end of a project.

Both of you can also be impulsive with money, so keep a tight rein on the company budget, or get someone with stronger financial management skills, like a Capricorn, to manage the money for you.

Friendships between these two signs are wonderful. You’re bound to have lots in common and never really be at a loss for things to do. Watch the debate/discussion style to avoid blowups, and try to keep your time together active, either physically (go on a hike!) or mentally (form your own book club and discuss everything!).

Love relationships do well if the two of you can deal with conflict. If you both stay conscious of the particular issues mentioned before, you have a great chance of working through them and succeeding at a passionate, happy, smart relationship. Just remember that both of you get bored easily.

You may want to compare your full charts to see what other signs’ characteristics could affect your reactions and attitudes. Knowing that one of you has a lot of natal planets in Libra, for example, could help with conflict resolution. Get a personal astrology reading on Keen – not only will it give you clues as to how you both really tick, but it’s also a fabulous conversation topic when you want to have one of your famously intense talks.

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