Cancer Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The Cancer man and Aquarius woman will undoubtedly be swimming against the current if they attempt to have a fulfilling relationship together. Every sign has its differences, but for the crab and the water-bearer, they are too fiercely opposed to being addressed simply by compromises and boundaries. Significant changes are really the only way this pairing can succeed and, for two signs which are not mutable, this can be hard to swallow. On the bright side, neither sign is so hot and heavy that they rush in their decisions and escalation of the relationship. The relaxed approach they take to dating and bonding means that there is an abundance of time to recognize and address many of their struggles. For the Cancer man and Aquarius woman in love, there is no need to call it quits in hopelessness immediately. Instead, you should try to look beyond the fog of the honeymoon period, and tackle problems you know will arise well in advance. Remember that change is only as hard as you make it, and it can be a breeze when it is for the right person.

Basic Compatibility

The most prominent incompatibility issue between Cancer men and Aquarius woman will always be that of emotional expression. Aquarius women are, for lack of a better term, emotionally elusive and put a great deal of effort into ducking and dodging the stickiness of feelings. She rebels against all limitations and tries to avoid commitments for as long as she can as they, unfortunately, go hand in hand. The water-bearer is ruled by her head, favoring intellectual pursuits as well as humanitarian actions. Cancer men subsist on emotions and their ability to express themselves and be heard. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, and they have direct control over his everyday life, making him prone to some periods of moodiness. He craves affection and closeness as displays of love while the Aquarius woman prefers a more standoffish approach. The bottom line is that the crab does not feel reassured by her “Clearly I love you as I am still with you” approach and he needs much more proof of devotion for a match to succeed.

While there are many incompatible areas, the crab and water-bearer do have a few things going for them when it comes to compatibility. The humanitarian drive and clear compassion the Aquarius woman has for helping people meshes perfectly with a Cancer man’s supportive behavior and high level of empathy for all. An ongoing friendship or stronger relationship will see both signs emerge from their comfort zones which always imparts growth to all involved. Aquarius women are problem solvers, and they do not simply give up when obstacles arrive. As long as the Cancer man gives her the space she needs to feel comfortable, she will be working hard in the background to find a way to fix all else. Neither sign is likely to call it quits if at least one of them is trying hard to make things better.

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Love And Relationships

The crab is a very friendly, albeit introverted, person with regards to social situations. His supportiveness and desire to help all gain him a wealth of friendships with relative ease. However, the emotional vulnerability of the Cancer man drives him to keep his friends at a safe distance and avoid drawing close to too many people. Still, all can count on him to be there the moment they have need of him as his loyalty and devotion is unmatched by any other sign. The Aquarius woman is extremely extroverted and surrounds herself with friends every opportunity she gets. Like the Cancer man, she also keeps a very low number of close friends and that is to spare them the pain of her leaving when they begin to bore her. Boring situations and friends who lose their exciting appeal are often quietly discarded although there is no maliciousness attached to the action. Beyond that, Aquarius women are always honest and are loyal when emotionally invested in an individual.

Intimate relationships between the crab and water-bearer are where all the hard work comes in. Both signs have a set of needs that will not ever change or be reduced in any way, and thus must be respected. For the Aquarius woman, she needs time to herself, freedom from clingy behavior, and acceptance of who she truly is. The Cancer man needs to feel that: attention is paid to his emotional needs, he is loved and safe, and, finally, that his situation is as stable as possible so he can draw comfort from it. Relationships that fail to take these core needs into consideration are on the road to ruin, as they are integral to the satisfaction of Aquarius women and Cancer men. As far as sexual intimacy is concerned, both signs love and appreciate sex, even if for different reasons. For Cancer, sex is yet another form of loving, emotional expression in physical form and it is revitalizing to him to have the closeness and affection. Aquarius women are more into sex for the enjoyment of it and opportunity to get creative and try new things. The good news is that no Aquarius woman will begrudge her partner the emotional side of sex that they need – as mentioned previously, she truly lacks a malicious bone in her body.

Working Together

The innate differences between Cancer men and Aquarius woman can cause some minor difficulties in the workplace but overall have no significant impact. The helpfulness of the Cancer man leads him to prefer working in groups or with partners while Aquarius women almost always prefer working alone. Crabs generally cannot handle criticism and can suffer if bombarded by a water-bearer who does not see eye-to-eye with them. Together, they enjoy calm and relaxed environments and tend to avoid drama whenever possible. They are unlikely to clash frequently, if at all, when neither is in a position of leadership over the other.

A match between an Aquarius woman and Cancer man will be a challenge, but not an impossibility. They are a classic clash between a person ruled by his emotions and another ruled by mental and rational thought. Neither is a bad choice or incorrect, but they will struggle to view and understand things the same way. There is always hope thanks to Cancer’s dependability and Aquarius’ devotion to solving problems. Both signs can find appreciable similarities in their zeal for helping people and the tenacity with which they go after what they desire. Their individual values are something that will need to be taken into consideration and not glossed over as this is one area where things will not simply fall into place. For Cancer men and Aquarius women prepared to put in work, this relationship holds promise.

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