Capricorn Man Pisces Woman Compatibility


The dreaming fish of the zodiac offers quite the challenge for Capricorn, who only cares for a rigid reality that he can build his life around. Their dreams and goals in life will undoubtedly be quite different, but it does not mean that any relationship between the two is destined to fail. In truth, the Pisces woman has a lot to offer the Capricorn man and vice versa, but it will all come down to whether or not he’s willing to take it. The fish is prone to change as a mutable sign, and will readily accept the new adventures such changes may bring. Capricorn is as resistant as they come, preferring the routines he has disciplined himself into following. A willingness to compromise will be much more important in this match than most others, but both sides have much to gain when learning to share a life together.

Discovering the traits of your potential partner or friend may make it easier to understand and adjust to their needs. Continue reading with us as we delve into the compatibility and unique aspects of each sign.

Basic Compatibility

As far as roadblocks to a successful relationship go, emotional expression needs will be the main issue here. The Pisces woman is on par with a Cancer in her need for emotional connection and freedom to express the same. Her empathy drives her to help and save all, even at the expense of her own happiness. The Capricorn man is rather notorious for being emotionally distant and you often have to study him long and hard to discern his current feelings. His soft and vulnerable side is hidden away and only revealed to those closest to him, if at all. The coldness will make it hard for the fish to feel comfortable enough to express her own emotions, especially if she knows he will never do the same. Another glaring issue is lifestyle differences.

Capricorn men run their lives like a drill sergeant, sticking to routines, clear goals, and taking great pride in their responsibility. For Pisces women, everything is a risk and an adventure out into the unknown, and they love it. They are dreamers with big ideas they cling to regardless of the feasibility or chance of success that others see. This mismatch can cause financial and stability issues, both of which a Capricorn man would never allow himself to have.

On a more positive note, the beneficial aspects of their relationship are also numerous, although it will take both parties to recognize them. Capricorn men and Pisces women are absolutely devoted to their friends and loved ones and, thus, will be to each other. The fish also sees only good in everyone, blindly trusting and supporting her friends and partner. This complete trust allows a Capricorn man to lead responsibly and confidently, allowing him to avoid worrying about challenges and judgments. The Pisces woman will greatly benefit from a companion who is not so emotionally reactive and can stay stable enough to drag her out of sadness and despair. The Capricorn man benefits from having a partner who appreciates and shares a need for time alone, as clinginess will drive him away. As time goes on, he will realize that, as a sea-goat, he is more like his sea-born companion than he ever knew.

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Love And Relationships

The Pisces woman usually finds friendship to be easy to obtain. Her desire to help everyone and be a shoulder to cry on frequently gains her friendship directly out of gratitude. Her deep emotional needs lead her to others like her, but she will never turn down anyone looking for friendship or a listening ear. Her willingness to trust everyone leaves her vulnerable at all times, naive to danger and manipulative individuals. The Capricorn man keeps very few close friends, fiercely protecting his soft heart with many walls as it is his only weakness. Those who cross him are never forgiven or given a second chance. He is mildly introverted and picky with his friends, only accepting those who share at least some of his values. While he won’t ever be the life of the party, he is partial to standing out by personal accomplishments alone. Both Capricorn men and Pisces women will be at your side the moment you have need of them as they take loyalty extremely seriously.

In intimate relationships, it is likely to be smoother sailing for both – if the sea-goat allowed it to reach this point, any major issues have long been squashed. Sexual intimacy will be bonding as their compatibility is close. Capricorn men are rabidly sexual and can’t happily exist in a relationship lacking it. Pisces women love romance and sex and, while a Capricorn may not fulfill the former, there will be plenty of the latter. It is also a way for the shy and distant sea-goat to express his closely guarded emotions without any of the stickiness that comes from verbal expression. At the core, true differences are often much more pronounced when individuals finally live together, and this is just as true with this pair. Squabbles could resurface if either partner is not given personal time alone, or if it is their first time living together. The Capricorn man will need to take the lead here and overcome his aversion to communication so that peace can return.

Working Together

Capricorn men and Pisces women fill two very different niches in the workplace. The fish thrives where she can be creative or in groups where she can offer help and support. Capricorn men function best when they are in charge, even though he can be a little harsh to his underlings. Both signs work very hard and are dependable in most situations. A Capricorn man may struggle when led by a Pisces woman, but not vice versa, so some changes may be needed to make things run smoothly. The largest difference is that a Pisces woman will undoubtedly allow emotion to influence her decisions at some point which makes her a risky choice in a leadership position.

Capricorn men and Pisces women can have a happy and successful relationship, but not without a fair amount of risk. It will be a learning process for both sides and this will ultimately strengthen any bonds that form. The beginning will prove to be the biggest mountain and then the journey will get easier. As the sea-goat is excellent at learning from his mistakes and striving to do better, and the fish lives to make everyone around her smile, it won’t be long until every day is a happy one and disagreements are few and far between. So, despite the potential for growing pains, don’t pass up on a promising relationship between these two signs if your hearts beckon to each other.

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