How Much Is a Tarot Reading?

Tarot readings should be paid by time spent and value of answers.

Tarot card readings have enjoyed popularity since the 15th century, and many online psychics offer Tarot card readings from the comfort of your home. 

How much does a tarot reading cost? The answer can vary from pocket change to hundreds of dollars depending on who you hire. Keep reading to learn how to assess the value of a Tarot reading and budget accordingly.

Types of Tarot Readings

Tarot readers use the imagery and symbolism of the Tarot cards, along with their knowledge of the Major and Minor Arcana, to interpret your reading and provide clarity and guidance. Tarot readings vary on their intended purpose and the number of cards you can expect to discuss. Here are some common types of Tarot readings:

The Success Spread

This situational spread is a go-to reading when you want advice on navigating an obstacle or problem. The success spread highlights the true colors of the challenge you face and points you in the right direction to positively impact your future.

The Celtic Cross Spread

This advanced reading utilizes 10 cards and is influenced by the direction the cards fall as they are flipped. Not for beginners, this complex reading, when done by an expert Tarot reader, can delve into the full depth of intricate situations. Its popularity is undeniable! 

The Three-Card Spread

Many Tarot readings follow the simple three-card spread: one card signifies the past, one the present, and the other the future. The three-card spread is the most straightforward reading, and, for some, the most useful.

The Value of a Tarot Reading

Unlike products like vegetables or oil, a tarot reading is a highly subjective service that leads to a wide variety of prices. Some storefront readers may charge you as little as $1 per card, while celebrity readers may be booked for months in advance and charge nearly $1000 per reading.

But have no fear! These factors will influence how much you pay for a Tarot reading:


Where are you going for your Tarot reading? In-person readings can be more expensive than an online reading. Psychics and readers who invest in storefront locations have more overhead costs and can’t guarantee foot traffic. The flexibility and convenience of virtual readings open the door to lower prices and a wide variety of options.


As readers develop their skills and perform more readings, they will likely increase their prices. It makes sense that the time and effort put into improving their readings and growing a following would translate into higher prices. 

When you seek guidance and direction from a Tarot reading, consider going with an experienced reader if you have important questions. On the flip side, if you are casually interested in a reading, you may seek someone fresh on their spiritual journey who offers more competitive rates.

Time and Type of Reading

What will ultimately determine your price is the pricing structure of your reading. Our readers charge a flat per-minute fee at Keen, so customers are never surprised by the final cost. Our diverse network of psychic advisors set their rates typically between $1.99 and $9.99 per minute.

Professional tarot readers don’t always charge by the minute. For storefront psychics and readers, other types of pricing structures include:

  • Charging per card (making a three-card spread more affordable than a Celtic Cross spread).
  • Charging a flat rate per reading.
  • Charging by the hour.
  • Charging a bulk sum for a package of readings.

Tarot Reading Prices

When you choose to do a Tarot reading with an advisor through Keen, you can likely expect to pay between $15 to $30 for an initial reading unless you specify that you want a longer session to do a Celtic Cross reading or another specialized service. Depending on your budget, consider the following Tarot readers:

Premium Tarot Readings

Tarot readers with decades of experience and hundreds of loyal customers have honed their skills to the degree that demands a higher rate. When you want clarity on crucial matters of the heart and mind or need direct guidance for a big decision, consider going with one of our premium Tarot readers who charge $7 or more per minute:

Regular Tarot Readings

When you want a reader in a comfortable, mid-level price range, you can still connect with talented and passionate psychics who can guide you through an enlightening and satisfying Tarot reading. When you want to spend between $4 and $7 per minute, these psychics are a click away:

Starter Tarot Readings

Are you relatively new to Tarot readings? Do you want quick answers or a Tarot checkup with a three-card spread? Tarot readers who are relatively new to Keen or charge accessible rates through choice can offer guidance in any area of life. Connect with one of these psychics who charge less than $4 per minute:

Get a Tarot Reading Today

Enjoy the secrets of the cards and take control of your future! 

Discover the power of online Tarot readings without spending a cent. Try your first 3 minutes free when you schedule a Tarot reading through Keen today. 

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