Leo Man Pisces Woman Compatibility


He’s fire and she’s water. Mixing these two elements can go both ways. Just the right amount of water added to fire can take a relationship between a Leo man and a Pisces woman to seriously steamy levels, but too much will put out the flame and leave nothing but soggy ashes.

Leo men and Pisces women share the same sense of loyalty and idealism. They are also natural creatives and their imaginations can boost their relationship to levels that others only dream about. But, they do share traits that place them on opposite sides of the spectrum. This can affect their compatibility, but at best, these differences are complementary and beneficial if they learn to find the right balance.

The Dominant Protector

You will rarely meet a Leo man who is not confident and fearless. In fact, this is probably the first thing people notice about him, next to his charisma. He exudes power, but he has a deeply gentle and sensitive side when it comes to people he cares about. His feelings can get hurt so easily, especially by those closest to him.

If you’re with Leo, don’t forget that he needs to feel loved and appreciated. This gets overlooked sometimes, especially with his role and leader and protector. He’s always happy to give his time, energy or even money to those in his inner circle, but he expects reciprocity. When a Leo man feels neglected, it’s sometimes hard to tell because of his naturally cheerful personality.

One of the greatest challenges with a Leo is how to tame his ego. You might notice that he doesn’t like being told what to do, and when criticized can turn aggressive and confrontational. He also tends to be demanding and domineering. This is an extension of his instinctual dominance, but the right person will know how to tame the lion.

The Peaceful Introvert

When it comes to confrontation, Pisces is the exact opposite of Leo. When something bothers a Pisces woman, it might take a long time for her to speak out. She’ll remain quiet for the sake of avoiding conflict. If you’re with a Pisces woman, it helps to pay attention to her non-verbal cues. If you think she’s bothered about something, you’re probably right.

Pisces is also a dreamer with an aura of mystery that makes her so attractive. She’s drawn to the arts and to creatives just like her, and she imagines a life that is colorful and full of wonder. And just because she’s lives quietly, don’t think she doesn’t crave travel and adventure. She is happiest in situations and places that can fuel her imagination and artistic energy.

Part of her mystery is her ability to tap into her psychic side. When she senses things about people and situations, and she’s usually right. She picks up on unspoken feelings and is one of the most empathic signs of the zodiac. Her moods are sometimes affected when she absorbs the feelings of others, so she is best when around people who bring positive energy.

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In the Office and as Friends

At work, Leo is most often the leader and is the one to remain calm when issues arise. He is happiest when given credit for a job well done or for his contributions to the company. He’s also generally well-liked by everyone in the office, except for those who don’t appreciate his competitive edge and his need to always come out on top.

This doesn’t bother Pisces, and she is drawn to his powerful energy. If working together on a project, she will take his lead, and feed him with creative ideas. In the office, there’s hardly a danger of clashing egos between Pisces women and Leo men. Mix her imagination with his drive and they make a winning team.

As a friend, a Pisces woman might be the first person you will call if you need someone to listen or validate your feelings. She is a great listener, but with certain situations, she needs to be careful to leave it at that. She is a compassionate giver and a rescuer, and people take advantage of this sometimes. With Leo on her side, Pisces has a loyal protector who will make sure she is never blindsided when trying to help others.   

Adventure, in a worldly sense, will always be a constant with a Leo and Pisces friendship. He’ll initiate the plans, and she usually doesn’t mind when he’s the center of attention. She’ll count on her Leo man to know the newest places to dine and play and will call him first when she needs a ray of sunshine.

Taking it Further

When there’s more to that friendship, Pisces will usually feel it first, given her psychic abilities. She may not act on those feelings right away, and will wait for Leo to take the lead. And when he does, she can expect to be showered with gifts and affection. He’ll put her on a pedestal and she will give her all. They will love being in love and their loyalty toward each other will grow tenfold.

In the bedroom, you can count on immeasurable sparks between these two. Yes, he really is wild and powerful like a lion! Much to the pleasure of the Pisces woman, her Leo lover will always aim to please. And, with her imagination to keep up with his sexual prowess, he will be just as satisfied. Both will also enjoy moments of teasing and playfulness. For Pisces, the excitement can be in the tension and the buildup, and a Leo man will gladly oblige with sensual advances.

If Leo and Pisces want a life together, they already have what it takes. Yes, there will be conflict, given their opposing personalities. But, their fierce sense of loyalty can help them overcome any obstacle. If she can give him the freedom to lead and enjoy the spotlight, and if his dominance doesn’t silence her to detrimental submission, their future can be filled with endless possibilities. Add to this mutual respect and understanding and there is a real shot at making it work.

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