Finding Your Soulmate

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The French call it un coup de foudre (a bolt of lightning). We call it love at first sight. The Spirit calls it “the meeting of soulmates.” When you are ready to find your one true love, will you know him? Will there be something that makes you feel like you have known him forever? Or will you disregard the feeling of love at first sight as a joke? The Spirit says there is one perfect companion for each person. This soulmate has known you before and waits for you now. It may have been many lives ago, but your souls have strived to find each other through the years. Finding each other will make you both complete.

If you open your heart to receiving your soulmate, you may feel as if you have known this person your whole life, even though you just met. You have. You have known him over the centuries and he has waited to find you just as you have waited to find him. Your eyes can recognize each other; deep inside the windows to your souls will be the glimmer of knowing. There will be tender feelings even in the first moments of greeting. You will not be blinded by love; your eyes will be fully open to the possibilities of a new life with this person. You cannot help but feel that it is something “meant to be.” Do not fight it. There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a purpose, tiny as it may be. If you bump into a stranger on the street, it is not an accident. The purpose may be as small as to divert him or her from a bad decision, but there is a reason. Keep an open mind and an open heart at all times. Welcome each “coincidence” as a new adventure. It could lead you to your soulmate.

Love never dies. Like the soul, it revolves through the wheel of rebirth, searching for the person you lost or did not find in your last life. There is one perfect soul for each of us. The Spirit meant for us to have love and to pair up. Because you have not found him does not mean you do not have a purpose. Perhaps your purpose in this life is to continue the quest – to search for him.

Once you have connected with your soulmate you will feel complete. There is no other description for it. This person that you have searched for is the final piece in the puzzle that is you. Together you will find (and hopefully complete) your purpose on this road of Karma. Together you will be fulfilled and able to move on to your higher purpose.

Not everyone finds his or her soulmate. Too many people settle for Mr. Right Now, rather than looking for Mr. Right. Finding your soulmate means making a pact with each other at some time in the past to find each other in the future. Like swans that mate for life, soulmates are everlasting. We can bide our time with others, but our heart and soul will cry out for the person who completes us.

Sometimes, finding this person not only means relying on faith and openness, but help from others. If you are still looking for the soulmate who completes you, begin by finding a quiet space where you can be alone and meditate. Close your eyes and focus on love. Ask love to find its way into your heart and call to your soulmate over the ethers. Ask him to find you and tell him that you are looking for him and open to his appearing. Do not give up if you do not find him immediately. It is possible to seek help from others in this quest.

A Tarot reading can be helpful when looking for your soulmate. The Tarot is an ancient system of divination whose powers cannot be explained by us mortals. The Spirit uses the cards in a manner that points to certain points in the life of the person getting the reading. At times, the reading may seem vague, but you can be assured that when the reader tells you that you will meet your true love at a place by the river, it will happen. If you choose to have a reading, always go to it with a positive frame of mind. Have your quest firmly in mind when you ask your question so that the Tarot reader can find your answer. Then listen to the reading. The answer will be there and you will be one step closer to finding your soulmate. It is not an easy quest and you must decide if you truly want completion or not before you embark upon it.

Past life regression sometimes allows us to find our soulmates and ask them back into our current lives. Through guided imagery, a skilled person can take you through past lives to an earlier time when you and your soulmate were together. Once there, you can impress certain characteristics on each other so that you will be able to recognize your soulmate in the present. Maybe you will be able to identify each other by a touch or a special word or look. These things can travel through time with you and act as a trigger to identify yourselves to each other. This is un coup de foudre.

While you do not need to find your soulmate in every life, you will find that being reunited will make everything you do in your life stronger as you work through the Karma you have accrued through each past life. As you open your heart to finding the fulfilling love that exists through time, utilize all resources to allow yourself to attain the pinnacle of your fulfillment. When you can remove or resolve Karma in one life, you leave yourself freer for the next. It is definitely true that “what goes around comes around.” You must learn that each action has a consequence for you and others around you. It is, indeed, a wheel of rebirth and Karma that continues to spin through eternity.

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