Love and Money: How to Rock The Venus Retrograde

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I was at a bridal shower the other day, and the topic of Venus naturally came up—I think we were talking about how your Venus sign rules your wedding style—and I mentioned that the goddess planet was going retrograde soon. You’d have thought I’d said the world was ending!

“What???!” The bride exclaimed. “Not on my wedding day, right? Oh my god—that would be the worst!”

“Is this like a Mercury retro but with total relationship screw-ups?” another girl asked. “I just started seeing somebody new—is it all going to fall apart?” 

“Let’s back up,” I said. “Venus retrograde isn’t until March 4th … and while all retro periods share certain characteristics, it’s very different from Mercury. Love and money are themes for sure,” I told them. “But don’t freak out!”

I invited everybody over for a fun drinks party later in the week to dive deeper into Venus’ retro journey. Though it might sound like a scary time, Venus retrograde is actually a powerful period in which to reassess financial projects and goals, revisit relationship themes, and to generally get clearer on what Venusian things you’d like to attract. 

Love, Love, Love!

Any retrograde emphasizes the “re” words—like review, revisit, and renew—and Venus is no exception. Venus rules Libra and Taurus, and the Seventh and Second Houses of the zodiac, so we can expect her retro to include themes from these parts of the horoscope. Libra especially is focused on relationships, harmony, and balanced communication. Taurus is the sensualist, the lover, cook, masseuse, and—somewhat conversely—the financial visionary.

Venus retro is a good time to take a break from dating and reassess what it is you are looking for in a mate. Review your dating profiles. Anything you want to change? What about what you really value in a relationship—is that still the same? 

Beginning a relationship in a Venus retro may mean you won’t really see the person clearly (or vice versa) or that you will likely revisit old relating themes. If you still have work to do around this, that’s fine. But most of us don’t want to revisit our past failures. Even if you meet someone great, you may find you’ll have to adjust or even break up when the retro period ends. Of course, don’t plan your whole life based on astrology! But the planets do affect us…so just make informed choices.

You also may find old flames popping back into your life or revisiting past relationships somehow. Maybe you’ll go through your love letters or old photos. It can be really freeing to ritually dispose of past love stuff—and it might open the door for new love, too. 

And on the subject of marriage—a Venus retro period isn’t the greatest time to get married, but if it’s already planned, don’t sweat it. You can attract what you want, no matter what the planets are doing!

Money…It’s a Hit 

After love, money is the most stressful topic for me and my girlfriends. And though it may seem weird that it’s a Venus thing, the goddess of love—in her rulership of Taurus—gets practical with her attentions. Taurus and the Second House are about how we earn income, what we spend money on, and how we value our own worth.

Being an entrepreneur, I’m looking forward to the Venus retro to review my fees, offerings, and approaches to business. Now—I’m not going to execute anything in this period—just review, reassess, and realign with my goals. It’s a perfect time to figure out what I want to attract and start creating an action plan. For me, that includes prosperity spells, a vision board, and other rituals as well as practical stuff. What will it mean for you?

I advised my gals to rethink financial goals, look at debt clearly, and avoid, avoid, avoid shopping! Venus retro is a terrible time to shop—especially for high-end stuff. Instead, I encourage finding your treasures at thrift shops or flea markets. Have fun “attracting” things you want to find at the Goodwill or consignment boutique (this is one of the best small ways to practice the law of attraction). Or revitalize your wardrobe with crafty skills like dyeing or refashioning garments. If you really are jonesing for a new look, make a mood board and wait until the retro has passed to shop.

Speaking of looks—don’t get a radical haircut or color, tattoo, or permanent makeup during this time, but feel free to rethink your beauty regimen and style. How can you manifest your Venus more? Research new product lines or examine making your own beauty products. 

The Venus retro—which starts March 4th at 13 degrees of Aries and lasts until April 15th at 26 degrees of Pisces—is a gift from the goddess, a time to go within and redefine our feminine style. (Venus only goes retrograde about every 18 months, so take advantage!) Fashion, love, money, beauty, even business goals are all really important topics to reassess. The Aries energy will have us feeling feisty and brave, while the dip back into Pisces will ensure that we make our new decisions from our spiritual core. Make it fun. Don’t fear it—work it!

Are you lacking clarity and focus on the Venusian aspects of your life? Why not treat yourself to a reading, and let an advisor on Keen help you get the most out of the Venus retrograde?

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